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Indie Eclipse is one of the exciting prospects of the Unity YouTube scene.  With high quality, concise content – his tutorials are proving to be a massive help to a lot of people just starting out with Unity.  His more notable videos include videos about features in new Unity versions and a lighting tutorial for Unity. I have known Indie Eclipse on Discord for quite a while, so I was delighted when he agreed to do an interview with me for this site!

The awesome indie eclipse Logo!

1 – Who in the tutorial community, or just Youtube, in general, do you find as an inspiration?

Well, I would say Brackeys, Blackthornprod and Thin matrix. To start off Brackeys and Blackthornprod really motivated me to continue programming in the start.
Thin matrix though, I would say really gave me some kind of inspiration to show that 1 person can really make a great game.

2 – Do you ever find examples of developers coming up to you and saying that your tutorials have helped them in any way?

No, not yet, I would say a few episodes have helped already “proficient” developers but no one has come up to me saying that my tutorials have helped them program. I mean it has but not in rapid incline

3 – Your channel is rapidly growing, and your viewer to subscriber ratio is astonishingly good for a channel of your size, what do you have to say to this?

Well, a viewer to subscriber ration is good right now for a channel of current size, but I have to understand I started this channel to help others makes games and it will stay that way.

The new channel Intro!

4 – You have a very, very high standard of video, what sort of software do you use?

I use Adobe premiere pro and audacity for audio recording. I actually edit only some of my videos, my editor actually does part of them.

5 – Being one of the more exciting channels who is growing in the Unity tutorial scene, what’s next – are you planning to get to that magic monetization threshold?

Yes, monetization will be something I`ll have to look forward to, making videos currently is quite hard and monetization does help. Besides that, publishing games should also be the next step

6 – Have you got any exciting tutorials planned?

Yes, I was thinking 2d Action side-scroller game and particles

7 – Has the YouTube algorithm negatively affected your channel in any way, or haven’t you noticed it?

I haven’t noticed yet, but I don’t think in any way it could affect me negatively considering I am here to help others.

A growing varied library of videos!

8 – How have you got this much growth in such a short amount of time?   Are there any hidden tricks up your sleeve?

Well, I wouldn’t say tricks but I would try and find tutorials that I would try and find. If the tutorial is there or if it has a lot of viewers or interest, I would go for it either to fill in on more information or to fill in the blanks

9 – Your Discord has been an essential part of viewer interaction, how much do you value viewer interaction, and what does it take to grow a Discord server, in your experience?

I actually value it a lot, it shows me that the videos aren’t entirely boring. Discord has also given me the chance to understand what I’m doing wrong what I should do (to improve).

10 – Finally, what was it like hitting 10 subscribers?  Personally, I always felt that the first 10 subscribers are the hardest to get, but the most satisfying to achieve.

I agree it did feel great, the first 10 should be the ones that motivated me to continue what I was doing on Youtube.

Indie Eclipse is rapidly growing.  Most Youtube channels around Indie’s subscriber base get around 3 views per video if they are lucky, but Indie Eclipse is getting over 100 views on videos, frequently, with only 46 subscribers (at time of writing).  This is truly astonishing for someone who has only been on YouTube since July of 2018. It is obvious that Indie will grow beyond this point, and become one of the staples of Unity tutorials. I have personally noticed that their quality of content is comparable to the likes of Brackeys, and it is even better, in production value than larger tutorial makers – from what I have personally seen.  Indie Eclipse is a really great example of growing a good brand image quickly and being able to profit off of it nicely. They have a Patreon page, which I can only assume is making a decent profit for a channel of Indie’s size. It is a real example of YouTube at it’s finest, what YouTube should be, in some sense.

Indie Eclipse’s most popular video on creating water!

I’d give it another year, and if Indie Eclipse can capitalize on the new features in Unity, they will be the next powerhouse of Unity tutorials.  Indie told me that it is in their intentions to expand into doing tutorials in other languages, like Korean – to reach out to a wider audience of viewers.  This would be a very interesting move, on their behalf – and I look forward to seeing the developments on their channel – and their own original games!

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