Review is a browser battle royale game at  The premise is that it is like Fortnite and PUBG, but in your browser and 2D.  It is a game that shows great promise, and it proves to be incredibly addicting, from just a single round of gameplay.  Here’s the Sip Read Repeat review.

1 – Gameplay

Surviv promises to be a game with gameplay much like that of the giants in the genre.  The game’s combat system uses a mouse aim mechanic, where the gun follows the player’s cursor, allowing for an awesome shooting mechanic, which once mastered (a feat I am yet to complete), will make for some brilliant gunfights.

The game also offers team modes, where you can play in a team of two or four, even with your friends – if you create a party and give them your code.   The team modes are very chaotic, and stressful. Communication is vital in the team modes, it is just a shame that there is no in-game chat, only emotes – so that you can convey a basic message.   Such a poor communication system leads to some horrible situations, where a player can be abandoned by a team, or can just lose sight of a team. There is no room for planning in the team mode, which is a positive or negative, depending on whether you like chaos or order.  Personally, I like order and strategy, and I think it would be better if the developers added a better chat system, so that the player can communicate with their teammates in a better way.

Otherwise, the gameplay is pretty solid.  The controls are intuitive, and it offers infinite replayability, which is just the nature of this kind of game.  The player is encouraged to smash everything with their fists, as the game offers a destroying mechanic. In effect, the player can destroy trees, giving no apparent benefit – and other items – most of which give you loot upon destroying.  Despite this, you have to be careful with what you smash, as certain items give you a deadly dose of -100 health.

2 – Visuals

The visuals of Surviv are very, very basic, mainly consisting of scarcely detailed items or just plain shapes.  This may sound negative, but in the context of gameplay – the visuals work brilliantly. You would not particularly expect a game like this to have photo-realistic graphics, it just would not fit with the game.  The drawings look like that of what you’d find in a children’s cartoon – which is perfect for this style of game. The game would be far too trippy with really detailed graphics and animations which would lead to some awful gameplay.

Despite this, sometimes certain aspects of the game just feel a bit off.  I don’t really have an explanation for this, it’s just that sometimes some of the art feels a bit off and not what you come to expect from a game of this popularity.  This shouldn’t put you off playing the game, as this is only sometimes – and it is hard to overlook when there is a massive gunfight happening in your scope.

3 – Music and Sound

Surviv offers very satisfactory sounds, and next to no music.  Aside from the menu screen, there is no music on offer whatsoever, at least that I can find.  And the sound effects, that the game should rely on, are just satisfactory of an IO game. There is nothing really that makes your jaw drop or feel amazingly immersive.  You don’t exactly expect a shooter to have impeccable sounds, even Fortnite has pretty average sound direction, in my opinion. All that really has to be done in games like this is for there to be basic sound that the player can use to detect when an enemy is nearby.  I’m not really sure what classes as good sound direction! 


In conclusion, Surviv is a great little battle royale game, that will eat yours and your friend’s lives.  If you want a good alternative to Forntite or PUBG, you can’t exactly go far wrong with Surviv. The only real criticism is that there isn’t a mobile app for surviv.

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