Fifa 20 – What I Want

(Spoilers for The Journey and the Jamie Johnson Books)

The Fifa series, by EA, is a series that I’m sure every football fan ever has played at some point in their life, even if you are a PES fan.  The series captures everyone with its fun gameplay and awesome controls. Despite this, Fifa has many flaws, and they become clear in gameplay.  Here is what I want in Fifa 20 – or at some point in the Fifa series of games.

1 – Revamped Career

In-Game Screenshots from FIFA19

The first thing that I really would like in Fifa is an improved career mode.   Career mode in Fifa has stayed the same really since the early days of Fifa, with a few additions here and there, but not much has really come about.  If I were in charge, I would add a whole new revamped career mode (as an option compared to the older version), where the player can’t start at a club of their choosing, instead they get an offer from small clubs, in maybe lower divisions, compared to having the ability to manage Barcelona straight away.  This particular mode would be separate from original career mode, which I would change too. I would call this mode “Hard”, and it would be an option when you select “Manager” in the career menu.

Additionally, I would add another career mode for chairman, where you take control of a club as the chairman, and you have to appoint top class managers, manage the club’s finances, and keep the board on your side.   To keep the board on your side, you have to make sure you have the results and get the right amount of sales. Perhaps you could pay for an advertising campaign, or you have to hire the right social media manager. You would not be able to manage the team, as only “Sim Match” would be available.  Despite this, you could perhaps watch the game, a feature for which is already in Fifa today.

2 – Ultimate Team Improvements

Secondly, I would much like Ultimate Team improvements, more specifically, making it less pay to win.   Personally, I do not purchase Fifa packs, which makes it really difficult for me to progress, even on singleplayer.  There should be better rewards, and the match rewards should be better than they are. 500 coins per match, or whatever it is at the moment, is far too much for anyone to viably progress without paying for Fifa points, and it is annoying, at least for me.

3 – The Journey.  But Good.

Personally, I do not like The Journey.  I think the story is bland, and having played through most of the Fifa 17 Journey, it just feels scripted.  The real player cameos just feel off for some reason, and the acting is something to laugh at, in my opinion. If I were in charge of the Journey’s production,  I would make the

next trilogy (if there will be one) the best story in a game anyone has ever played. My main criticism with the Journey is that it is such a normal story. Despite not having played the Fifa 18 Journey, I have played most of the Fifa 17 Journey and watched a lot of playthroughs of the newest instalment.   I used to love the Jamie Johnson series because I was able to connect with Jamie, as a character, and it wasn’t forced. I felt sad at every character’s death. I was on the edge of my seat at the end of the last book, and I still mean to get the new one. Then they made that Tv-Series and turned the character I had grown to really like turned into something completely different.  I’ve never been able to connect with Alex Hunter or Danny Williams.

Tangents aside, if I were in charge of the Journey, I would have made it into a Jamie Johnson style series.  In fact, EA loves some good old rights, so why not purchase the rights to Jamie Johnson and make a Journey Season 2 playing through the life of Jamie Johnson, it would be so hard to get wrong, the stories are already written, all you have to do is make Jamie what he is in the books, and not what he is in that CBBC thing.  The stories are far more compelling than Alex Hunter’s and unless EA pulls something really special out of the bag, that is not loot-boxes, they will always be more compelling than the Journey. The Journey is career mode with cutscenes, Jamie Johnson is something really special, and those stories in a Fifa game would be the best thing since I got to play at Villa Park in Fifa.


In conclusion, the Fifa franchise is a great series of solid football games, but they always miss something.  These were the improvements I would make to give the game that something. Thanks for reading.

Note: This was written before Fifa 19 was released, so it has been amended where possible for Fifa 20. 

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