Supercell, Game-maker behind Clash of Clans, kickstarts a free coding school to fix the coder shortage

“Geeks, Maths Geniouses, and Boys” being the only people who the public think can code is stopping more people who don’t align with those groups entering the industry. This is the problem Ikka Paananen, Co-founder and CEO of Supercell, is trying to solve with a new fee-free coding school.

Ikka points out that the Finnish game industry needs “7,000 to 9,000” new coders right now in order not to hinder progress.

At Supercell Ikka says coding is about Creativity, Problem Solving and Team work and with this new school he will presumably try and create that culture within the students.

The teaching method will be inspired by Ecole 42 a similar school based in Paris. They don’t have teachers or classes nor do they use books instead students are assigned practical tasks to complete so they learn from bouncing off each other.

They will soon start accepting applications and the first 100 students will start the 3-year program in September. The school is aimed at 18-30 year olds so perfect for those just starting out and even people looking for a career change.

“Supercell is funding it entirely for the first 5 years.” which is great PR for Supercell (though I think Ikka is actually concerned about the staffing shortage and lack of diversity). However, this is concerning as this leaves us unsure whether it will continue to be free after these 5 years or if Supercell will try and find another company/ the Finnish govefrment to fund it.

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