YouTube Deleting “Spam Subscribers”

YouTube have been trying to tackle the subject of spam for many years, with numerous attempts to stop click farms, farms full of various devices aimed to deliver bot subscriptions or stat boosts to creators who pay them money, and in general other non-legitimate subscriptions, or just fake subscriptions in general.

Two days ago, Team YouTube tweeted: 

Some popular YouTubers began reacting to this immediately, with Pewdiepie claiming that this was the apocalypse.  Rebecca Parham from “Let Me Explain Studios” reported a loss of three thousand subscribers in a tweet saying: “Buh bye, 3k spam subs. Certainly hope you were actually spam subs! Maybe you all better double check if you’re still subscribed to me just for kicks and giggles.”

Is this an overreaction from the YouTube community?  Probably.  Let Me Explain Studios has 1.6M subscribers and has gained 40,830 subscribers (approximately) in the last 30 days, according to Social Blade – so for creators like this, in the grand scheme of it all – 2,267 subscribers isn’t really going to make a difference.  However, maybe it has proved more devastating for smaller channels?

  • Chris Z

    I’ve lost 99 subs so far on my channel, which is both less than an I expected and more than I hoped, I feel like timing wise though this is another attempt by YouTube to knock PewDiePie from the throne, because it happened just after that how Pewd vs T-Series and the #Sub2Pewds (I think?) thing, so it seems like that promoting other channels over him didn’t work so removing the fake accounts people created to keep him in first might?

    Am I being paranoid or does anyone else agree with the timing?

    • WillGoad

      That sounds like a reasonable motive because to be honest if I was youtube I wouldnt remove accounts that people are paying for because while it doesnt help youtube it can’t really harm them.

      • Chris Z

        Well spam accounts have been around since the beginning and they’ve never really done anything serious to combat them until recently, and in the YouTube rewind video they tried to keep PewDiePie out of it completely which is to me more proof that they are trying to push him out, I get it though, he’s been on top for ages even after racist outbursts, if he wasn’t so popular they could replace him with someone more family friendly as the face of YouTube (personally I’ve never watched his stuff, I prefer the Game Grumps)

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