Minecraft Server, Hypixel, Announces Stand-alone game.

The popular Minecraft server, Hypixel has just recently announced a brand new project of theirs that expands away from their Minecraft: Java Edition server, Hytale.  

Hytale looks to be an adventure-rpg style game, and is quite exciting, despite it looking mediocre from the first trailer.

The developer’s Twitter account has quickly grown to 24.4k followers, and the game has received a lot of “hype” over the last few days, building upon the Minecraft art-style, and giving a Hypixel twist to it.  What may come from the game, I am yet to predict, but it will be interesting to see what comes from the game.

Some have speculated that Hypixel are making this move to not be held down by Mojang, but what do you think?

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