Boring Company “Loop” Prototype Shown

Elon Musk’s company, The Boring Company, has just shown off the first prototype of their new “Loop System” in an exciting and awesome new video, where a Tesla Model X* zooms around their new “Loop” system – a massive tunnel that Elon Musk says:

Additionally, Elon has stated that the service will be available to any autonomous vehicle, not just a vehicle made by Tesla and that there will be cars travelling around acting as busses for pedestrians and cyclists.  It should also be noted, that no one drives in this tunnel – as it is all completely automatic.

This new technology is very exciting, it will allow for super fast travel around usually crowded cities, but some Twitter users have been quick to criticise it, with people pointing out similarities to other modes of transportation that has been in use for decades, and some have said “build more trains”, and such.  Honestly, it is just a cool piece of new technology and is arguably better – and objectively cooler than trains, and we will have to see what happens.

*It is never specifically stated, but I’m almost certain it’s a Model X.

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