The War for the Digital Distribution Realms

The world of digital games has been expanding over the years, as more games opt for digital only distribution, and the King of the realms of digital distribution is undoubtedly STEAM, this has been so for a long time, but like all rules, it appears STEAM’s reign may be coming to an end.

Who would step forward to challenge the King? And why now? What makes this time ripe for so many to take up the fight to overthrow the reigning king?

The King (STEAM), is old, it has been losing its grip on the people for some time now, with a serious of moves that have incensed large portions of the populous, a few of which have reversed immediately, to the deafening descent of the people on the other side, the king is old and weak, grasping at straws to keep power, the King has taken to trying to placate the Noblemen (AAA Studios), whilst it ignores both the workers (Indie studios) and citizens (Userbase) that brought them power to begin with, it was always a matter of time before someone would seek to knock the King from their throne, in fact many have tried, but with the King’s diminishing power and seeming disengagement they have invited the worthy to rise up.

Long Live the King (for now)

Among the warriors and diplomats that would seek to take the throne, there are some interesting contenders, firstly there is the neighbouring ruler across the border (Good Old Games aka GOG), his lands are considerably smaller but he has ruled them for longer than any other contender, he doesn’t seem as hungry for the throne as the others though, seemingly content with just ensuring that no King may rule without opposition, he has his followers, but is the least likely to ascend to the throne at this stage. 

Don’t count the old ones out

Then we have the former Noblemen (Origin, Uplay, BattleNet), they used to live under the King’s rule, they even amassed a lot of their wealth under them, but times have changed, they saw the King’s movement start to slow, the way the King began to resent those under their rule and so they began to bundle their assets and set up their own kingdoms, however they are not without their faults and mistakes, so their kingdoms exist, but they are not prospering to the extent they need to storm the castle.

We want it all, and we want it now

Next we have a contender who was a shadowy stranger, he came to town, promptly left and established a weapon that might pierce the hide of dragon’s (Epic Games Store), since the forging of his weapon he has formed his kingdom, using aggressive tactics he has undercut the King to find favour with scorned Noblemen and workers, and now he builds his armies, in full view, with nothing to hide, a serious threat for the King.

Strike at the heart

And lastly we have the plucky newcomer (Discord Games store), who has been fostering goodwill with the community for a while now, and has blurred the line between citizen appointed champion and ambitious tactician with his eyes set of the throne, recently he has announced an even more aggressive move than the previous contender, only time will tell if it was the bold move needed to secure victory, or a miscalculated effort that will result in his withdrawal.

For the people! (or myself)

Even with these new contenders for the throne, the current King’s reign ending is not written in stone, through years of their rule they have amassed a number of loyal subjects, it will take time and effort to take the crown, it’s still well within the realms of possibility that STEAM will keep the crown, that one of the new contenders will ascend the throne, that one of the outsider noblemen will make a push and secure the position, or even that a new contender will appear and smite all others.

The war is not over yet, who will you side with?  

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