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Here at Sip Read Repeat, we drink coffee, play games, read and report the news, review games and drink more coffee.

Games and coffee go together like reading and coffee

If you have read the reviews you’ll probably be familiar with the rating at the bottom, XX/100, and if you’re familiar with numbers, then you’ll probably be able to guess that the closer to 100 it is, the better the game is, but how do we get those numbers? And what do they mean, well let’s start off by breaking down the basics of each subset.

  • 1-9% Can this even be considered a game? Literally unplayable
  • 10-19% Barely a game, virtually unplayable
  • 20-29% Recognisable as a game, fails at every element though
  • 30-39% Functions as a game but even the positive elements have been done better by other games
  • 40-49% Below average, if you’re a die hard of the genre and have literally no other options left, you might get something out of it
  • 50-59% Average, if you can find it on sale you could kill some time with it
  • 60-69% Has merit, not the best games out there, but there is a certain something, worth looking out
  • 70-79% Solid good title, fan’s of the genre should check it out, might not get everything right, but enough merits to be a worthwhile addition
  • 80-89% Great game, has all the makings of a masterpiece, falls just shy of it for whatever reason, but is still one of the best examples of the genre
  • 90-95% Amazing game, should be played, sales be damned, if you can get your hands on a copy there is a lot to love, absolute masterpieces
  • 95-100% Perfection, you can do no better than seeking out these titles ASAP

Now the question is, how do we get these ratings? The answer to that is, everything, all aspects of a game will go into the final score, graphics, sound, story, controls, intangibles, some sites break these down and give you individual scores for each and than an overall score, we opt for the single overall score, why is that? Well because the intangibles are so important.

For instance, take the game Alien Isolation, graphically the game looks really good, soundwise it’s strong as well with nice ambient tension building music and good sound effects, story wise it’s an interesting narrative taking place after the events of the Alien films, controls are fluid and work well, so with all this you’d probably expect a pretty solid score, but that’s where the intangibles come in, such as, is it fun? For me the answer is a HUGE no, I found the game to be incredibly boring, there are people everywhere which betrays the “Isolation” part of the title, most people seem to just shoot you on sight (despite playing as an unarmed woman), and if they don’t see you at first, it’s just a matter of time, the AI is so transparent that you might as well just have a timer counting down to when they’ll spot you instead of…sort of off track here, this isn’t a review for Alien Isolation, but to get back to my point, thanks to the intangibles Alien Isolation would end up with a fairly low score, despite performing well in most individual aspects.

The scariest thing was how boring it was

The other thing to take into account is that the reviews are based on the judgements and experiences of the reviewers, as everything is subjective you may not agree with the ratings, which is why the main review is so important, because it is there that we provide the information on the game and go into more detail on our thoughts, the numbers are just a sort of guideline you can choose to take into account, just another way we can try to steer you toward gems and away from complete failures.

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