Speculation – Discord’s New Business Plan

Discord has recently adopted a new business strategy, which is quite interesting – at least in my opinion.  This new strategy involves being the hub for all of your gaming needs. Their idea seems to be not to kill off steam and other game stores, but to connect them all together and give you a great gaming hub to play all of your games.  I have analysed their new business strategy and broken it up, this is pure speculation – but I think I have a decent argument.

So, as previously explained – the new strategy for Discord involves becoming your gaming platform.  They see it as a place where you can play all of your favourite games at the touch of a button, talk to your friends, and talk to the public through servers.  I see Discord, in this scenario. Their new store feature is notable because no chat app has done this before, really. Discord is basically trying to take on Steam and other platforms, whilst still working with them?  It is a confusing relationship to say the least, but I am sure it will be beneficial for Discord as a company.

The store is not obstructive to the experience of Discord, it is not like Steam’s store – which is in an ugly embedded browser – it is placed nicely where servers are usually, and you can easily access your servers using the normal way of just clicking them on the side bar, that hasn’t changed.

Along with the store, they are releasing games with Nitro, which is basically like Xbox Game Pass – from what I can gather.  Nitro users will be able to click and play a select amount of games, which are bundled with Nitro. Services like this are very awesome, because you don’t have to worry about saving up for a game, it is basically Netflix but for games.

Above this, Discord have announced “First on Discord”.  This is a service where developers basically send Discord their game, and it is put on the store for 90 days, as kind of like a pre-release before the actual release.  I like this move as it gives people an incentive to use Discord, to get hyped up games first. If Discord are able to get a big, hyped Indie title – like King’s Vessel or Volcanoids to do their full releases on Discord first, they could get some really good traffic to the store.  The whole store could be lethal to Steam though I doubt that – with the catalog of games that Steam already has.

Finally, as mentioned before – Discord intends to integrate other gaming platforms into its own tab, so that all of your games are in one place.  This may potentially kill off the Steam Library. I, for one, always have Discord open, from startup to shutting down. I never close it, so it is just a convenience that I can load up my games in one click, although I have experienced a lot of bugs with the current activity page, which takes a long time to load my games.  For instance, I tried to load up the Sims 3, and it worked, after some time – granted, but the game was very choppy, and I had to exit and re-launch with the steam client.

I would be willing to bet that next, Discord will try to launch a console or an OS, much like Steam tried to do.  I think that the difference would be that Discord will be that Discord’s attempt will probably work, at least better than Steam OS.  Steam OS failed for multiple reasons, mainly the fact that no one is feasibly going to replace Windows with a Steam OS, but Discord may work – as you can watch YouTube from Discord, and Discord is mainly a chat app.  Some people only want to game and chat, and if you built a web browser into Discord, it would make for a solid and light-weight OS, which I’m sure a lot of people who just wanted to game, chat and browse the web would use – as long as Discord make it free.  It really wouldn’t surprise me if this was their next move.

That has been me rambling about Discord’s new store, hope you enjoyed!  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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