Star Citizen spends 4 million a month throughout 2017

In November 2012 Chris Roberts raised 2 million on Kickstarter for Cloud Imperium Games’s Star Citizen. 6 years later and many fans giving up on any hope of the game releasing and Cloud Imperium games still isn’t bust.


Not only that but today it announced it has raised 46 million in private investment bringing its valuation up to 496 million. Several hundred times more than the original campaign.

The company has spent 193.3 million since 2012 with 14.23 million in reserve. Around 48.8 million was spent in 2017 alone which means their average monthly spend is just over 4 million.

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However, Cloud Imperium reassures us most of this is development expenses with only 826,000 to administrative expenses such as Legal and 1 million going to capital expenses such as office chairs and PCs.

The 46 million came from Father and son Clive and Keith Calder. Clive came from indie music with is company Zomba and Keith runs a indie film company which recently made Blindspotters.

Reportedly, cloud imperium got on like “a house on fire” with the Calders and this ended up in a 46 million in exchange for 10% of the company.


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