Taking Marketing One day at a time: Heralds of the Order Developer Interview

1.When did Heralds of Order start development and what has been your part in it?

We started in June of last year (2017), I’m one of the programmers, mainly responsible for the core gameplay features. These days, since most of them are implemented, I’m mostly responsible for designing the levels, fixing bugs as well as marketing and pr.

2. What do you find hardest in game development?

Where do I start? The worries that we’re not making a good a game as we could be making, coupled with the thought that nobody’s going to care even if we do. Dealing with the reality that none of us really know what the hell we’re doing, The constant lingering thought that we should probably find “real jobs”. Keeping that in mind it would probably be finding the motivation and discipline to keep going.

3. What tips for game marketing would you give your younger self?

Just keep going. One step a day can get you pretty far.

4. Night in or Night Out?

Oh, stay in. Most of my friends are introverts including myself. We prefer to stay in and play D&D or Magic: The gathering.

5. How did you learn to program and what tips do you have for people who want to learn themselves?

I was first exposed to it in high-school in a club where they taught us how to program websites and a friend of mine recommended a book that was like a beginners guide and now I’m studying it more in depth at university. As for tips I would say focus on the basics first and don’t be afraid of what you don’t know, most programmers also have no idea what they’re doing 90% of time.

6. Can you describe Heralds of order for those who don’t know about the game?

Walking units.

It’s a turn-based tactics game boiled down to the genres core principles, where positioning and unit to unit counter play are the keys to victory.

7. Finally, What do you have planned for the game in the future?

Well releasing (hopefully early next year). We do have an extended demo in the works which we hope to have out by October, but we’ll probably release it to members of our mailing list and discord server(when it’s ready). Development wise we pretty much have most of the pieces ready and are just putting them together, we’ll probably focus on fleshing out the features that are already there rather than developing new ones. We will try to get ports for at least some of the major consoles but we’ll see what that takes us. We might do a kickstarter if push come to shove, but honestly we’re trying to avoid it.

The Links:
Download their free demo on their website: http://heraldsoftheorder.com/
Keep up to date on their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArcheanGames
See what’s happening on: https://twitter.com/ArcheanGames
Some Beautiful game art on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/archeangames/
Cool new social media: https://gab.ai/ArcheanGames

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