Gold – Entertaining Family Problems (Played at EGX 2018)

Family problems are a common theme in pop culture in the modern era, with huge franchises such as Star Wars using family feuds/complications as a prevalent theme throughout the series.  It is an easy card to play in the metaphorical hand that is writing. There needs to be a problem, and a relatable problem for many is family problems. Whilst at EGX 2018, I got to not only meet some of the nicest developers I have ever met but play those particular dev’s game, Gold.

1 – Basic Idea

Gold is played with a controller, at least in my case, and it is basically a 3D and cinematic fighting game, which does it so well.  Despite it being incredibly confusing to start with (which will be detailed later), the game is incredibly entertaining, even if you have absolutely no idea which buttons to press.  Not only this, but the game is stunning, which will also be detailed later.

The concept of the game’s story was explained by the developers as a game where you fight your evil sister.  It wasn’t too in-depth, but that does not matter at all – as the core gameplay of the game is as fun as any combat game of the style.

2 – The Gameplay

Greats of the fighting genre, such as Street Fighter, are infamous for button mashing with controls.  In other words, street fighter is fun for not having clear controls. Personally, I’d say the same applies here.  There are hints on the screen (in Gold), from what I remember, meticulously blended with the beautiful environment, but in reality (even with the dev’s help), the game was about button mashing, with a slight method to the madness.

I do not intend for this to be negative, the game is made even more fun when you have to do this because it becomes intense and complete madness.  Of course, the developers were keen to help and I am almost certain that with a bit of practice, I could have easily learned the playstyle, but with this method it was fun.

I did learn basic skills in the game, for example, blocking and how to do the different methods of striking your opponent.  Aside from that, my tactic proved great.

3 – Graphics

Gold is a stunning display of the capabilities for graphical masterpieces using the Unity game engine.  Though the character models, and all models for that matter, are very simple – the game’s lighting and GUI makes it look stunning.  The simple models are just the style of the game, and the animations complement the style in a wonderful manner. The fighting is seemless and fluid, and the animations are far from jittery, they are simply wonderful to play with.

Though the demo I played at EGX only showcased one environment however it looks (in the trailer) as if all the other environments of the game hit the nail on the head.   From a beautiful, spinning fortress-esque room to a dark, gloomy and raining forest, the environments have been expertly crafted to deliver a brilliant feel to the game aesthetically.   

4 – Lovingly Crafted

The game was predominantly developed by Tom Reiffer, from NFTS Games, who took a role as the lead (other credits are on their twitter – which is linked below).  It is clear that the 7 or 8 months of development time has amounted to a brilliant and polished project with few bugs. I love indie games because they throw away the pressure of publisher deadlines, and developers can focus on making their project with love.  Saying that gold is not an example of this would be absurd. Everything from the visuals to the gameplay makes it perfectly clear that these developers are passionate about their project, in every way shape and form.


To conclude, Gold was an awesome game to play at EGX, and I am really looking forward to its full release.  If you can pick it up, when it comes out – please do, I can’t recommend it more. I really hope to see more from these developers in the future, as this game is clearly high quality – judging by the demo.  If you want to read more from my EGX 2018 experience, it should be on the website either by the time you are reading this or now.
Gold –

Images courtesy of the Gold Twitter

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