Computer Vision Beginner Tutorial- Installing Open CV Library

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Welcome to Part 1 of Sip Read Repeat’s computer vision tutorial!
Before we start I just want to make it clear that I’m no expert when it comes to Computer vision. I haven’t had much time to look into Computer Vision as it’s a relatively new field. I couldn’t find a tutorial in Computer Vision for Absolute Beginners so here it is! SideNote: I haven’t tested if this works for Linux or Mac as I don’t

Installing Python

Just skip this step if you already python! Head over to and click on the downloads tab. Since python auto-detects operating system you should just be able to hit download. Be sure to grab the latest version of python which is currently 3.7.2.

Python Install Tutorial
The Python Downloads Page

Hit run and follow through the instruction such as choosing which folder to download it to. I left it with all the defaults and it’s worked fine! To start using python for the first time, enter “idle” into the search bar at the bottom left of your windows screen.

Python Idle Tutorial
Entering Jurassic Park Music Plays!

Using Pip to install OpenCV

Head back to the search bar you found idle in. Don’t worry about what file location cmd has by default as it doesn’t matter. Type in “pip install opencv-python” and hit enter. After some text logs on the command prompt you will have it installed!

CMD Tutorial
Don’t worry about C::\Users\Will as yours may say something else

Other useful Libraries

Although they are not essential here are some other libraries you should download. They should prove useful for making calculations in python. You can even use the same command to install them. In the command prompt one at a time type “pip install scipy”, “pip install numpy” and “pip install matplotlib”.

We haven’t covered much in this tutorial but we’ll definitely release more articles soon on the subject! The next tutorial in the computer vision series will show you the basics of transforming and manipulating images in python. I recommend you read my last article next if you’re interested in gamedev. I interviewed a successful developer!


If you have any problems at all with any tutorial on Sip Read Repeat post a comment below. It’s our policy to make sure you work it out!

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