6 beautiful pieces of game art created this week

Woohoo! It has been a great week for game art! Enjoy!

Goose War Machine

Goose War Machine

@rilemtwit a dutch game developer and Pixel “smith” put together this tank goose for his upcoming game Mighty Goose The Game. The blue design stands out and I can imagine this would be really fun to shoot shells from in-game.

Cloud Watching

Yey Pot Plants!

I feel like this piece created by @Jell0cube really embodies lonliness but at the same time hope. The clouds make me feel like this person is reaching for the sky but can’t bring herself to try because she has no help. You can see a second seat in the foreground sits empty. However I feel overall this is a positive picture because the plants are all still young showing that this girl is yet to bloom!

The Phone from London Land

London Land Game art

The words “You don’t actually have a message.” are pretty chilling which makes the user feel pretty lonely; A level 2 theme approaches! This phone model made by @toadflax for his upcoming game London Land has a really nice simplistic design. This may not be the prettiest model but it certainly follows the game’s minimalistic art style and serves it’s purpose.

Sliced off corner computer

Do you think the insurance will pay out for this?

While some may think this piece is the result of someone, being distressed by their computer, taking an axe to it. I am a firm believer that all art(including game art) has meaning. My first thought was that this was a comment on how if we’re not careful time can simply melt away, like the screen, while at a computer. However, I feel equally the artist, @beastochahin, may be saying we all need to learn more about the inside of computers and how the things we use so much actually work. One final interpretation is that the artist’s heart was recently broken shown by the cracked computer and the purple which could signify blood.

If you want to learn more about how things you use actually work and how to make new things you should probably check out my new computer vision tutorial!

Changing Mind from Lunark

Lunark Game Art

This is so relatable for me, if you show me a tea or a coffee and say I can only have one I have know idea what to do! (But obviously legally I have to say coffee because my site is coffee themed.) In addition, this guy looks like the main character in Back to the future but maybe that’s just me going crazy. As game art I feel like this scene symbolises how life can sometimes be complicated which is shown by the forest going further back in the background. This goes well with the theme of a dilemma as when your finding your life complicated, decisions can be even more difficult! I also really appreciate the extra detail in this such as how the cliff crumbles slightly when the character runs to the right.

I found this post on @johanvinet‘s page who’s a developer at @CanariGames! They launched a kickstarter this week for their new game Lunark, and you can pick up a copy on there for only £10!

One girl and her eagle

Assassin's creed fan art
Love the greek writing at the bottom

I heard somewhere recently that to create a strong female character you must create a male character and then switch his gender. As a writer this is really useful but whether @Beavs used this strategy or not you can instantly tell that this is a stoic woman. You can see this due to the enormous respect the eagle has for her as it brushes her with it’s wing. Finally, as I said in the caption I really appreciate the writing in greek at the bottom as it simply makes the image seem way more Mediterranean!

Which piece of game art was your favourite? (Damn another dilemma!) If you happened to be an artist be sure to send me an email on will@sipreadrepeat.com as I would love to interview you about your work!

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