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A Horde Too Many, is an upcoming game by Digitality Studios and 93Bits Studio, published by Digitality Studios themselves, a combination of Action, Adventure, RPG and Tower Defense, set in a zombie filled post apocalypse.


Starting with the visuals, A Horde Too Many is in a word, adorable, a really interesting mix of cute cartoony characters and what appears to be live action backgrounds, the backgrounds look like they are small models that you might see in something like a Laika stop motion film (the studio behind Coraline, ParaNorman, Boxtrolls etc.), my guess would be that they set up stages with real models, took pictures, and then animated the characters on top of them, however they did it though, it looks amazing, AHTM is one of the most endearing games I’ve seen in recent memory, with the kind of childlike wonder that comes from seeing towers made of Popsicle sticks.

A destroyed building in A Horde Too Many
Survival of the cutest


Sound wise, A Horde Too Many, covers all the bases, you have ambient music for the storyline sections, orchestral sweeps for the action segments, and location based themes, like carnival music for the carnival section of the game, which ends with a fantastic high energy piece during the ringmaster boss, the sound-effects are nothing to ignore either, with zombie growls, explosions, the crackle of the flamethrower and the arrows whooshing through the air from the crossbow to name a few, in a world so cute, part of me expected there to be cutesy sound-effects too, but the use of fairly serious and somewhat realistic sounds really adds to the tension.

At the carnival in A Horde Too Many
Zombies clowns, the ultimate evil


Gameplay in the demo is split up into to two styles, story mode and survival, survival is exactly what it sounds like so I’ll start there, basically you select four survivors to form a team, each survivor uses their own weapon so they have different range, damage, and area of effect attacks, once you select your team, all four will stand and move together, with you directly controlling one and the AI taking the others, zombies will approach from both sides, but luckily the AI is smart enough to focus on the closest zombies meaning that they will cover the other side for you, or you can turn around, or even select another unit, another reason for selecting another unit is that each survivor has their own special attack which needs to recharge before it can be used again, the AI does not use the specials meaning you will need to swap between the four if you want to use them all.

Once you have taken down the horde, another approaches, steadily the game will throw more special zombies at you, along with the regular zombies that just attack when they get close, there are tall zombies that take a little more to take down, fat zombies that explode when killed, half zombies that you need to aim low to take out, (they are surprisingly nimble too and move significantly faster than the other), and spitter zombies that will spit some sort of acid to damage you from afar, like most survival modes the objective is just to kill as many zombies and last as many waves as possible.

Shooting Zombies in A Horde too Many
Alright zombies, just walk into the bullets

Story mode, has a similar feel to the survival mode in places, although you don’t select your survivors, (at least not during the demo) and sometimes you get to set your characters up in towers so they will be safe and you can just focus on mowing down zombies and protecting something like your hideout’s gate, there are also sections where you are not only encouraged to move around but the game actively requires you to walk to a certain location, either to save some more people or salvage some resources, overall in a fairly short demo there was quite a lot of variety on offer.

Overall Thoughts

Overall AHTM Demo, is a fantastic little gem, it looks good, plays well and is consistently fun (and tense), I found no bugs or crashes during my time with it, the only issue being with calibration, I had to aim above where I wanted to hit, although I did have a Steam controller in at first before swapping to mouse and keyboard (but the controller remained connected which may have caused some issues), a fun adventure that makes me excited to see the full game, which is currently scheduled for an August release.

In coffee terms, AHTM is like having a shot of an expensive espresso, all the rich, full flavors are present and accounted for, and it whets the appetite for a full sized cup.

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A Horde Too Many Links

Wishlist them on steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/980210/A_Horde_Too_Many/
Website: https://ahordetoomany.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ahordetoomany?lang=en

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