Packageman – A game with Lore? Interview with Developer, DoctorORBiT

Aestuo’s latest addition to its long list of acquisitions is a small indie title called Packageman, which has been played by the likes of Jacksepticye, and 4,000 other people (so not that small).  I was lucky enough to chat with DoctorOrbit, the developer of the game recently for a small interview.

1)  When I played the game, I got a lot of Portal-esque vibes, in terms of the tutorial and overall handling of the dialogue, was this intentional – if not – what other games inspired you?

Haha, yes that was indeed intentional. I don’t want to give away too much, but isn’t it weird that there are no humans anywhere?

2) What was it like seeing your game played by an influencer such as Jacksepticeye?

That was really exciting and also kind of weird at the same time, I never expected this game to get popular in anyway. I just wanted to make a fun game that I would enjoy playing!

3) Where did the initial idea come from?

I got the idea from thinking about real life tasks that could be gamified. I have a whole list of gamified things, but this was the most appealing to me!

4) What is the best feature suggestion you have received for the game so far?

That’s a tough one, most of the things that have been suggested were already planned out by me from very early on in the development. But if I had to choose one it would be the Story Mode. Something like that was planned but I have gotten a lot of great suggestions from fans in our Discord!

5) What features are you currently planning to add?

One big feature will be Story mode. Which will have you progress through the different stages of being a deliverer. You start out small on a bicycle handing out newspapers & letters and slowly get promoted to delivering packages from small Car -> Pickup Truck -> Van -> until you are in a giant 18 wheeler. In between workdays will have to manage certain aspects of your delivering company, and also make sure that your truck works as expected. Down the line I will be adding a feature where you can asynchronously build up a delivering company with your friends. You will not be playing in the same level (although I might change that, maybe), but all of your collected “scores” will be added and averaged to reflect your companies total score. (Editor’s note: This sounds fun)

6) What is it like working with Aestuo? (Editor’s Note: I made sure Doc answered honestly)

I’ve only been working with Aestuo for a bit more than one week now, so it’s hard to judge!  But from what I can tell they are bunch of really nice people! I’ve mainly been interacting with Will, and he has been a great help with certain aspects regarding the Community and the marketing side of things.

7) Finally, how do you plan to tackle the large problem of cheaters on the leaderboard?

That will be an easy problem to fix. I am already tinkering with anti-cheat solutions which will restrict cheaters from cheating ever again!

It was really nice speaking to Doc.  Packageman is a really interesting game, and I am really looking forward to playing the full version, which will be out on Aestuo, Steam, and many more platforms very soon.  If you can’t wait you can also play the beta, at the links which will hopefully be below.

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