Fifa Games ranked in the last 5 Years!

EA is widely regarded as a company with some very shady business tactics, one of which releasing barely changed games every year in the same series with some slight updates and selling them for full price.  I love fifa games, as seen here. If you didn’t guess from many clues to this point, I am talking about their sports games, specifically – the FIFA series. Don’t get me wrong, I love the FIFA series, I just do not agree with the tactic of yearly releases – and selling them for full price.   Today, I have decided to put together a list of fairly recent FIFA games ranked (FIFA 14 – FIFA 18) and put them in an order of similarities to the previous game.

Note: We just reviewed Fifa 20 here:

5 – Fifa 16

FIFA 16 was really expensive in 2015, when I received it, as it was the current FIFA game, and that was on the Xbox 360.  I recently purchased the game on my Xbox One, for under £1.00, and I can’t say it was worth the small amount more than FIFA 15.  I was hard-pressed to find what had changed from the previous installment to the franchise, from normal gameplay. The game seemed literally identical to FIFA 15, in normal gameplay – anyway.  I’m sure there were additions to Ultimate Team, but some of us – we just want to play career mode, and I am sure – if you are taking this list into consideration when purchasing a FIFA game – you are not interested in Ultimate Team all that much.

Timed finishing, a new feature in FIFA19, Fifa games ranked
“Timed Finishing” was added in FIFA 19 and I mildly dislike it.

4 – Fifa 14

FIFA 14 mainly was about jumping to next-generation consoles.  I don’t remember much of what was added, it was actually quite similar to Fifa 13, with the focus of the game being on adding really nice pre-game talks as if you were being handed to a commentary team from the studio.  I do not remember this in FIFA 13, but then again – it was 2013 when I last played FIFA 13 so that probably explains my vague memories of the game. FIFA 14, to be honest, was actually a really good jump up from FIFA 13, just for the new menus – they felt so refined compared to FIFA 13.  

3 – Fifa 18

FIFA 18 saw some changes to career mode (for a change), and a second installment to The Journey, which the player could literally just pick up right after playing FIFA 17, with their progress being saved – if they desired to pick up where they left off, in terms of you starting with the same club, and characters referencing the last season.  Amongst this, FIFA 18 saw a FIFA: World Cup Russia DLC, with all the kits and teams fit around the world cup being added. It wasn’t as fleshed out as the full world cup games, which was very annoying – as the World Cup Fifa games were by far the best FIFA games. I loved the game for the 2014 World Cup, and it was actually a brilliant game, with a radio playing in between the games, with one of the options being hosted by Andy Goldstein and Ian Darke.   

Anyway, the FIFA 18 World Cup mode, though not particularly fleshed out, is satisfactory, and it is worth buying the game for – especially considering you can get it from places like CEX for under £15. Also, FIFA 18 added interactive transfer talks, which really work for Career mode. In effect, the player can sit down with football managers around the world and discuss transfer terms with the club, rather than being bound to emails. They can also do the same for discussing player contracts.

Fifa Neymar and Ronaldo in Fifa Games ranked
Promotional art for the game displaying Neymar (Right) and Ronaldo (Left).

2 – Fifa 17

FIFA 17 was a lot more respectable in terms of added features compared to the previous year’s installment, with a brand new set-piece system and the switch to the Frostbite engine, which allowed for the year’s main gimmick – The Journey.   The Journey was a game mode where the player would take control of the life of Alex Hunter, a budding Premier League superstar, and play through a cinematic adventure, experiencing the hardships of a Footballer’s life but ultimately bringing Alex to success.   In essence, it was a player career with one season and cutscenes. Despite this, Fifa 17 was a solid installment to the franchise. Not only this, but it added some cool features to career mode, like an objectives tab and a manager rating, along with training.

1 – Fifa 15

I love FIFA 15. FIFA 15’s perk was that it added all of the Premier League stadiums.  This made the game really immersive, and it made career mode feel less like a game, especially when you were no longer playing at Ivy Lane with a different badge each week.   I love seeing Villa Park in the game and trying to spot my old seat in the crowd (though this proves tricky). The main perk of FIFA 15 is that it was before Leicester had that amazing season, so you can pick up players like Jamie Vardy for really cheap – though he hasn’t quite the rating he’d get in future games.  


My conclusion on the fifa games ranked has changed since I first wrote it a few months ago (for those unaware, we pre-write articles, sorry to ruin the illusion). Before I was able to get Fifa 19, I swore by getting Fifa 18 or even Fifa 17 – but now, if you are looking for an amazing football game and have the cash to spend, I have to recommend Fifa 19. Though it has some glaring issues, namely career mode and pro clubs, I have to recommend FIFA 19 for its little details, which more accurately depict the footballing world. Of course, my badge changing as I go up to the Premier League as Aston Villa does not warrant £60 under any circumstance – it is still a nice touch, and the multiplayer is solid, despite the signature lag spikes we know and tolerate in Fifa games of the passed.

Fifa tricks in fifa games ranked
This is surprisingly possible to replicate in game.

That being said, if you are looking for just a fun game to play in single player, you can’t beat anything from FIFA 17-18. I have to go for FIFA 18 as the interactive transfers are oh so amazing. Plus, you have even more licensed stadiums than FIFA games before it, and it is just a fun FIFA game that’s not too dissimilar from FIFA 19. It’s up to you, in all honesty – it all depends on the type of game you are looking for. That being said, have you any recommendations for FIFA games to play, or do you have any Indie Football games we need to check out? Let us know in the comments below – I may even review them, I do love a good Football game, and that’s actual Football, not American Football – don’t even try!

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