Asset Creation for Unity 101 – An Interview with KevDev

Since I started with Sip Read Repeat, back when our articles were on Aestuo’s article section, I’ve only ever interviewed game developers.  Recently, I saw fit it was time for a little mix-up in my interviewing content. I messaged Kevin Iglesias, an upcoming Unity Asset creator, who has quite a few assets.  In the time since I interviewed Kev and heavily procrastinated this article, they have been hard at work with other assets and items such as that. It was a pleasure to work with them, and here is the interview:

1 – So, for those who aren’t aware, could you describe your asset?

– My current assets usually are customizable packs of resources in a low-poly and hand-painted style. The user can customize and adapt them to fit with their game projects.

2 – Many people use assets, but don’t really make them, could you describe the process of making an asset?

In my case, all my assets come from an idea or a need I had in the past developing my first video game. After having the idea, I find the best way to develop and introduce it to a possible customer. Also, I do some research at the Asset Store to check what is sold the most and what the people want.

3 – How did you get into making assets for the asset store?

Well, I don’t like ads in my video games, also setting a price for my game would make almost no one played it so I decided to earn money by other ways like the Unity Asset Store. Also, it’s hard to get a job so I decided to become self-employed.

4 – Do you have any tips for those just starting to make assets, now you have published yours?

Start doing marketing and advertise stuff from minute 0. The hardest thing is to create an audience and a community that will pay, rate or makes a review about one of your assets. And that means more sales and popularity.

5 – Everyone makes mistakes on first projects, I’m sure 99% of Indie Devs did, I certainly did, did you make any notable mistakes that you’d be willing to share?

Yes, aside of starting to advertise my assets late, I didn’t plan some of my assets and they will need a huge update if I want to add special features I’m planning to do (e.g. my first asset Armory Crafter only supports 2 textures: a base and a secondary one. I’m planning that the user can add as secondary ones as desired, like my second asset -Texture Crafter- works). But that will only happen if the asset gets enough popularity.

6 – Finally, what’s next for you?

I will continue advertising my assets and also I’m currently developing a new one, which I think it will be the best, and I hope it will get enough sales to continue developing assets. If everything goes well, I will keep submitting and updating my assets. If I don’t get enough sales or even feedback, rates or reviews I think I will stop and go for other things. There are a lot of similar assets in the market, but no one gives the chance to easy customize the models and make them fit in your game project like mine do (I hate when you see several games with the same assets).

So for the moment, I have hope.


Once again, it was a pleasure to work with Kevin.  It is always really interesting to get insights into other aspects of the industry, that I don’t usually get just being a mediocre indie games developer.  That is the thing I love about the game development community, everyone helps everyone and there is something for everyone. Personally, and like many, I am self-taught and I don’t think anywhere else could give you this welcoming sense like the game development community.  It is particularly interesting that if you are a new person to the games industry, there are so many options. Whether you want to give back to the community, like Kevin, and make your own assets – or whether you would much prefer to write articles about a game, like me, it is really cool to just have those options.

Either way, it is interviews like this that drive me to be really passionate about this industry, and I think that if you are a person who enjoys art, programming or have any other skills connected, you should do some research and get yourself out there.  We are always looking for people in this industry. I mean, I was able to accidentally find a job – so I am sure you can if you are actually looking!

Finally, I have really delayed this article, it has been 2 months since my questions, so it is about time that I gave KevDev a favour in return.  I would like to quickly plug their new asset – low-poly graveyard set –  If you are in need of assets, please check out their profile – you may find something that you need.

Thanks for reading this interview, I thoroughly enjoyed finally writing it and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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