Google unveils “Stadia”

Google has just announced it’s brand new gaming platform called “Stadia”. They the new platform at Game Developer conference earlier today. Their aim for the platform is to bring an easy cloud gaming experience, much like that of the previously announced “Project XCloud” from Microsoft.

Though pricing hasn’t been announced, the idea of the platform makes it sound pricey. The demonstration held at GDC was a man picking up where he left off on various Google devices. He hopped from Chromebook (running ChromeOS) to the phone, to PC all seamlessly displaying little input lag.

This leads us on to the controller. Google was quick to show off it’s newly developed controller which uses a design that looks to be following down the PlayStation route. As someone who has just always played Xbox, this isn’t a deal breaker (as I will be able to use my Xbox controller or the trusty mouse and keyboard) but it certainly is annoying as the Playstation-like layout just doesn’t feel natural anymore to my Xbox player hands.

The controller contains two unique buttons – capture and Google Assistant. This is a trend that I, for one, hope comes over to other consoles. I clip almost everything when I am playing console games, but I never use voice-commands due to not being bothered to plug in my USB mic. The built-in mic and Assistant button is something I can only imagine me using.

Of course, there are two main concerns with the project, that I hold at least. Though the idea of hopping into my web browser and playing Assassin’s Creed is quite pleasant, I am nervous about pricing and input lag. Though the demonstration showed off little input lag, Xbox also showed Milo and Kinect working in 2009. I highly doubt gameplay will be this seamless when millions of people are using the servers.

Despite this, it is an interesting space to watch, and I will be following it quite closely here on Sip Read Repeat. Let me know what you think about this new project in the comments below.

Image credit: Engadget

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