Pokemon Business Strategy Conference – 28/05/19

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The Pokemon company held a digital press conference last night and announced many new Pokemon related products and projects.

Detective Pikachu

The first announcement related to Detective Pikachu and how commercially successful the movie has been. Tsunekazu Ishihara confirms that a sequel to the 3ds game is being developed for the Nintendo Switch. The story is a continuation of the previous game and there was no release date confirmed. Though nothing was confirmed, it was hinted at that more Pokemon movies may be on their way.

Pokemon in China

The first Pokemon game coming to China will be Pokemon Quest. It’s an enhanced version of the game that includes PVP and a social interaction system. There was nothing said about these features coming to other regions. Before announcements began, Ishihara stated in addition to Japanese and English, more Pokemon services will be offered to fans in Chinese.

Sleep can be Entertaining

Junichi Masuda from Game Freak takes the stage to talk about the future of Pokemon. He speaks about the relationship between Pokemon and their trainers before revealing Pokemon Home as a cloud-based service that connects players with each other and their Pokemon. It will connect with Pokemon Bank, the 3DS games, Pokemon Go, and the Nintendo Switch games. Players will be able to trade Pokemon all over the world via their smartphones, and the service will be available in early 2020.

Following the great success of creating entertainment out of walking with Pokemon Go, a new game is being created with an emphasis on sleep. Pokemon Sleep will be released in 2020 and is being developed with the same team who did Magikarp Jump. Nintendo has developed a new tool for tracking your sleep, called the Pokemon Go Plus Plus. There was no clarification to whether this was all related to Pokemon Sleep or Pokemon Go.

A New Mobile Game is Coming

Pokemon Masters is being developed by DeNA studios and will allow trainers to battle with and against their favourite trainers from the game. While it looks to be a watered down experience from the main games, not much was shown of the new mobile title. Pokemon Masters will be released later in 2019 for IOS and Android with more details coming sometime in June.

Pokemon has Never Been More Stylish

The final announcement related to a clothing line. Pokemon Shirts, a service only available in Japan, will be available in more regions. Starting with North America and Europe, the original 151 Pokemon will be available to be customized in various designs. This service is available via Original Stitch with shirts costing over $100.

Be sure to join us next week on June 5th as we cover what the development team at Game Freak reveals about Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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