Watchdogs Legion Teased E3 2019 + Rami’s hilarious response

Watchdogs game rumor for E3 2019

The Latest E3 2019 Rumor is one from Ubisoft! The third instalment in the watch dogs series will be called Watch Dogs Legion and was leaked on an Amazon UK product listing. Even more exciting was the news that the game will allow you to ‘play as an NPC’ which Rami Ismail pointed out was ridiculous.

This made me LOL

The Amazon Listing Stated: “Play as anyone, Every individual you meet in the open world, has a full set of animations, voice over, character traits and visuals that are generated & guided by gameplay systems.”

This refers to the UK’s National anthem: “God Save the Queen”

The Game which will be based in London will differently depending on which “NPC” you choose to play as. It can be seen as a good sign that the game is rumoured to have been delayed atleast once so far so hopefully we will get a good quality third game.

The game will be taking place in a dystopian Post-Brexit version of the UK and further news is slated for Ubisoft’s upcoming E3 conference.

I recently finished the original

I played all the way through the original despite being told it was terrible by critics and fellow gamers alike. I agree the Car chase levels were the worst and should not have got through the testing stage and the story was average. However many levels gave you a base and you could choose to attack however you want, from guns blazing to Silent Sniping!

E3 is going to be The Bomb! Get hyped by bookmarking our Live countdown timer here. What games are you most excited for? What’s your favourite E3 Rumor so far? Will you be attending the conference itself?!

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