Google’s “Game builder” game lets you make games

Game builder allows people who have never touched code to jump in for free and start making games. It allows you to construct 3D levels which end up looking pretty similar to Minecraft and try them out.

Since it’s a created by Area 120, Google’s in house incubator for it’s experimental projects, it’s integrated with google’s library of 3D objects: Poly.

It’s the best of a series of bad game builders more minimalistic than the likes of Buildbox but more complex than the software where you connected arrows which may or may not have been shoved down your throat as a child.

It allows for both a drag and drop visual editor as well as actual coding in javascript. You can seamlessly switch between these two and therefore Game builder sounds like a great way to get kids learning to code.

The Best of several bad options

The worst part is definitely the controls which feel clunky and take some time to get used to however it’s certainly worth the wait especially if you want to bring your new game idea to life.

Although in reality this would never be used to make real games I can see real developers would find it useful to use this game to prototype their ideas. Especially since this game allows you to create multiplayer games and making a multiplayer prototype often isn’t worth it in unity after slogging through 100s of lines of Unet code.

My favourite feature is that you can make games at the same time as friends. So you can now play a multiplayer game in which you make more multiplayer games.

Placing Models in Game builder
Placing models in Game Builder

It’s pretty obvious google’s ramping up it’s focus on games with the upcoming release of it’s cloud gaming service Google Stadia. Currently it’s pretty ironic that Game Builder is only out on steam but hopefully we’ll see it on Stadia in the near future.

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