Where’s That Geography App??

For a good 12 months or so I began toying around with the App, “Where’s That”. Why? Hmmmm…well, at my age (well beyond college), I felt compelled to not be an intellectual embarassment. Part of that is uneccesary self-atonement. But the other part was my ego doing a good job, which it doesn’t always do. I’m certian I picked a geography app to level of up my skills for several reasons. One, it’s more about memory as opposed to layers of a niche skill, like the chemistry of atoms or the workings of calculus. It’s quite straightforward, and it’s also a good pre-requisite for having a leg up on any important news happening in the world. It’s very easy, but also effective. It works because it’s easy.

Where's that georaphy app in action

Basically, I feel awesome when I click the button (the country shaped button) and I get a ding sound telling me I’m right. It’s very meaningful, like saving a princess, and it’s very physically rewarding like hitting the joystick-right while pressing the A-button to perform a Smash attack. Or flicking angry bird at a box. That’s all I’ve got to say. It’s a good game and it evades copyright due to the whole Earth thing, so feel free to give it a try.

– ロベ

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