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Devious Dungeon, is an action platformer developed by Wobblyware and Ratalaika Games, and published by GrabTheGames and Ratalaika.


Set in a medieval world, an evil has awakened in the catacombs underneath the Hilltop Castle, so the king gathers all his men to destroy the evil lurking below, but due to the nature of the dungeon all who have entered have fallen, and only a true champion stands a chance, as that champion you must head down into the dungeons, and clear out a host of evil monsters and men, while avoiding traps and deadly spike filled pitfalls, in order to reach the ultimate evil on the lowest floor, the mighty dragon.

Devious Dungeon Indie Game Enemies
These arrows don’t point the way.


Devious Dungeons has opted for the ever popular retro pixel art style, characters and enemies are quite blocky, due to the size of the pixels, however you can tell what they are, Skeletons look like Skeletons, Orcs and goblins are big and little (respectively) green guys etc, they have weapons and have fluid animations for when they strike, which is both aesthetically nice and helpful for avoiding a nasty strike to your champion and his life points, the champion is simplistic, a buff little man, who at first carries a large sword and wears very little, but as you upgrade him you can have him in a full suit of armour wielding a mighty war hammer.

The backgrounds and platforms are again quite simplistic, but they are effective, you can tell at a glance what you are looking at and focus on the actual gameplay.

There are also bosses in the game that are largely just bigger versions of enemies you have seen, however the bigger the size, the more detail, so they do look a tad more impressive.


Not much to say here, Devious Dungeons has the kind of music and sound effects that you’d expect from a game of this genre, mostly heroic or mysterious adventure music, with swooshes and bloops that correspond with attacks, being hit and so on, nothing unique or amazing, but also nothing to complain about, it’s serviceable and well in the realms of pretty good.

Devious Dungeon Indie Game Orc Chief
Have at thee!


As an action platformer, the emphasis in Devious Dungeon is on both attacking and jumping, this works well, as it is essentially all you can do, a quick tutorial at the start of the game will explain how everything works, you can move your champion, jump and attack, holding the attack button will allow your hero to continuously strike without changing direction, this allows you to back up while still attacking, allowing you to avoid damage while you continue to rain hits down on your enemy, apart from murdering a bunch of enemies and jumping over spikes, there is also a collection aspect to the game, enemies and random objects will leave coins when destroyed, collecting these adds to your money count, which allows you to purchase upgrades for your champion, increasing health, attack and critical rate, defeating enemies also grants experience points, which lead to levelling up, and again you can upgrade one of those three stats.

In addition to defeating enemies and destroying objects, money can also be obtained from completing missions, you will have three active at all times, completing one will replace it with a new one, and these range from collecting a certain amount of keys to defeating a certain amount of a particular enemy.

Each floor of the dungeon will have both a portal and a key, you must collect the key to activate the portal and move to the next floor.


Over all, I had a lot of fun with Devious Dungeon, it kind of feels like Rogue Legacy or Vertical Drop Heroes, due to the play style and the proceduarally generated levels, however unlike these games, the champion you control is always the same, his equipment remains the same even after death, and you also receive a money bonus based on how many enemies you killed, missions you completed etc. which allows you to purchase more upgrades and become stronger still, you also have certain dungeon floors that act as check points, so if your champion meets an untimely demise you can warp back to a lower floor instead of playing all of them again, for these reasons I would say that Devious Dungeon is a fun game that younger gamers should have fun with as it lacks the harsh perma-death nature of a lot of similar titles, and even for more experienced gamers, there is a lot of fun to be had building your champion, hunting out secret rooms and slaying evil foes.

 Devious Dungeon Indie Game Conclusion

In Coffee Terms

In coffee terms I would describe Devious Dungeon as a single shot white coffee, a great starter drink for someone just starting to drink the caffeinated beverage, it contains the elements to be enjoyable for people of all ages with a smooth taste, and while some coffee enthusiasts will think it’s too weak for them and they need a quadruple shot of pitch black coffee to feel anything at all, Devious Dungeon’s blend while far less intense, should appeal to most people.

Devious Dungeon Indie Game
Ar0n (Younger brother of the author)

Bonus Section – Ar0n’s Opinion

I think the graphics in the game are great (and he normally complains about 2D pixel art), the way it controls is pretty cool, it controls well and I think that other people would like this game, it has a lot of enemies and you can upgrade your guy to get stronger, I like saving up to buy all the items in the store, I think it’s a good game for all ages, it’s hard but not that hard so kids will still have fun, I want to say congratulations to the makers because they made a really good game, I normally don’t like these kinds of games (I can vouch for that), but this one was really fun, I loved looking for the secrets and collecting everything too, some of the secrets were hard to find and I needed my brother to help me (actually he did find a lot of them himself), here is my hint (that I told him) if you see a platform that looks like it doesn’t lead anywhere then there is usually a secret around there that you can find, I think this is one of my favourite games that my brother has reviewed and I’ll be playing more of it (says you…but probably).

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