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I was super stoked this morning to pick up an email in my inbox from IndieDB about how had just launched their Mod Browser and Manager for Unreal Engine 4. This will make it so much easier for developers to add mod support to their games.

Mordhau, a medieval combat sim and playcraft, a code-free multiplayer sandbox game builder have already implemented the new plugin.

Only 17 games so far have used to power their mods and yet between those games 4.6 million mods have been installed by 700K players.

How it impacts Indies?

The great thing here for indies is that it’s backed by IndieDB & ModDB, platforms with large, loyal userbases which means it’s able to greatly help you find people to not only play your game and it’s mods but potentially mod your game. helps indie developers add mod support to their games
Popular Indies such as TABS already use

A Devlog I wrote was recently featured on the site and it got over 800 views! I expect being an early mover with will make you some friends at IndieDB that will hopefully increase your chances of being featured.

Indie Game Dev takes time and the new plugin has not 1 but 2 great features to save you time! It’s User management system allows for synchronised subscriptions, mod rating as well as new mod submission. It also has a interface built in to UE4 which allows you to easily connect to the API without to much hassle.

Something that will most likely be important for your fans is that’s plugin is platform agnostic so all of your supporters can mod and play! It supports 1-Click mod installs on most popular PC game stores including Steam, Epic and Gog and they have plans for full console support. The API is also standalone and therefore can be embedded everywhere from in game to your discord bot.

Last but not least, it even helps you out by including an example project to help UE4 devs get started.

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