Fifa 21: Feature Wishlist

Last year when Fifa 19 released, I posted an article talking about what I wanted in Fifa 20.   Of course, Fifa 20 rolled around in due course, and it was rather disappointing as a mainly Career Mode and Pro Clubs player.   Whilst Ultimate Team is actually quite decent this year, I find myself having a lot more fun with it than I did last year, the game overall released as a buggy mess.   Whilst EA is fixing the current game, I imagine they are also beginning to develop the next game – so what better time than to start putting our suggestions out there for the next game in the acclaimed football franchise.

1: Custom Teams / More Customisation Overall

This suggestion may sound a bit far fetched, but EA has shown that custom teams are something they can do, and have done, in other franchises such as their Ice Hockey franchise: NHL.   This year, I have begun running a little simulation league on FIFA using ten of the current English Premier League teams, and it has been going quite well so far. What would make our little competition wackier and more fun would be the ability to create our own custom teams with custom kits, stadiums, banners, etc.   Customisation is a huge part of other football games, such as Fifa’s closest rival – Pro Evolution Soccer – and there should be no reason why we, as the players, can’t create our own custom teams to add another level of personality and fun to the game.

An external shot of one of the game’s Volta Arenas

One of this year’s game’s many drawbacks, in my opinion, is the player creator which is used in Player Career Mode and Pro Clubs.   The creator has been the same pretty much since the start of the decade and the actual layout was perfect – with the ability to randomise the players if you wished to allow the game to bring your character to like.  

This year, the menu is confusing and the options seem to be lacking. I completely understand why such an interface works in a game mode like Volta where the style of gameplay is more modern, but in Pro Clubs and Player Career Mode it really drags down the experience, because it just isn’t very intuitive.     I would love to be able to customise my character even more than current, but do it in a more intuitive system that can allow me to make hyper-realistic likenesses of players but also lets me draft up a peculiar looking player in no time at all. 

2: The Full EFL Treatment

I will be the first to admit, this point is definitely as far fetched as it gets, and I understand that this expectation is entirely unrealistic, but I would love to see the whole English Football League get a little bit of TLC from EA.    By “Treatment”, I mean all of the stadiums and broadcast packages are added from the other leagues in England: The Championship, League One and League Two. I completely understand that scanning a stadium is a rather gruelling task, but this is EA Sports – they are more than capable, and it would add extra immersion to the game.  

For those unaware, currently, we have licensed Stadiums in the game from all of the Premier League, La Liga and a couple of other European leagues, but the lower levels of Football, which are encountered a lot when players complete what is known as a “Road-To-Glory” series, the stadiums are always the same, or selected from a few generic stadiums which roughly resemble what could be the shell of an actual stadium around the world.   Frankly, it gets boring visiting the same three grounds every game when your League Two team is scraping through a forty-six game season and the level of immersion would greatly go up if we could have all of the stadiums from current English Football League sides – I don’t think it’s as much of a task as EA make it out to be.

Fifa 20 Marketing image – promoting the new gameplay elements added this year.

3: Live Seasons

You shall have to bear with me for this section, because “Live Seasons” is a completely made up game mode which, as far as I am aware, is my own original idea.   Live Seasons would be where choose your favourite team, in my case Aston Villa, and play their games each week as they would be played in real life.

Of course – we already have this, but there is another layer that would make this game mode unique.   In the Live Seasons section, which I imagine fit into the Kick-Off game mode, there would be a league table, which is as it is in the real world but adapted to the results from your games over the season. For example, Villa recently lost to Manchester City in a game at the Etihad Stadium – which in our example would give Manchester City the lead of the table at three points.   If in my Live Seasons mode, I beat Manchester City, my Live Seasons table would have Manchester City on no points, because the three points they got in real life didn’t happen in Live Seasons. 

The reason I think this mode would be a really welcome addition to the Fifa series is that it would encourage people to follow along to their respective leagues even more closely than they do now.   Real-life games and results would directly influence how your games play. For example, you need Brighton to beat Norwich otherwise you will be relegated in your game, so you follow along and watch a game that you wouldn’t normally take an interest in.   At the end of the season, you could even have a leaderboard that ranks players on where they finished (against where the team actually finished) and also on what difficulty they used. The winner of the series could receive a prize from EA – maybe two tickets to the Champions League final, or things of that nature.


In conclusion, there is a lot that could be added to Fifa that would make next year’s game the best game we’ve ever had.   I’ll admit – I don’t actually dislike this year’s outing – all Fifa 21 has to do is add a few nice features and iron out the bugs for it to be the complete Fifa game, in my view.   Either way, I am hopeful for what next year will bring, and maybe I should make these articles a tradition at the start of every new Fifa game.

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