Guntastic, frantic murder – First Sip Review

Guntastic is an online or couch party brawler for 2 to 4 players. Developed and published by Ludicrous games (which is two people).


There is none. The game is a party brawler much like Duck game or Stick Fight so there is no story. At least not at this stage.

Guntastic gameplay
Murder party.

Graphics 4/5

Guntastic uses pixel art and it looks quite nice. The characters are well-formed so you can tell them apart from each other. The character portraits are fairly detailed. In-game they are more chibi versions but they still look nice and different enough from each other.

Characters are fun and very tongue in cheek. Everything from Hornie the red demon to Furious George a monkey based on Curious George. The weirdest character is literally made of feces. It’s all very silly and fun.

Levels are designed with various platforms and hazards. Although the overall design of the current levels does feel a lot like reskins. The levels do have differences like one has bouncy platforms, another has an elevator with saw blades on the bottom. But the overall layout is essentially the same.

Guntastic gameplay
Wrong-way to catch a train.

Sound 4/5

The music in Guntastic is highly energetic and fun. Fitting well with the fast pace of the game itself.

Sound effects are good, they all fit in well and sound fine. But it’s the music that gets you amped up for the round. A mix of electronica and rock that is as relentless as the game itself.

Guntastic gameplay
Kill like an Egyptian.

Gameplay 3/5

Gameplay in Guntastic is comparable to Duck Game. You select a character and a stage and then the objective is to finish off the other players. Levels are littered with various weapons and powerups and unless you have a shield they are all one-hit kills.

In most of these games, a lot of victories come down to just surviving. Where Guntastic is different is that in Guntastic rounds are 25 seconds long. If the timer runs out while more than one player is alive then everybody loses. Because of this, it is possible to get into the negatives quite easily.

The more players you have the more hectic and fun the game becomes. With two players it’s ok, with three better and with the full four you have a real party on your hands.

Guntastic gameplay
George lives up to his Furious name.

The Problems

The only real problems with the game are the fact that it shares so much in common with Duck Game but has fewer features (not able to slide or quack). And lacks variety. As I mentioned earlier most levels feel like reskins, and it doesn’t shuffle through levels between rounds which means you’ll be playing in the same level until someone wins.

The other seeming lack of variety comes from weapons. Although there are a number of options a lot of them end up feeling pretty similar. For instance, there is a bolt gun, rocket launcher, drill and, serrated blade thrower that all hit in a straight line. After playing for a while I did manage to figure out that the rocket launcher slightly homes in (making it somewhat OP.) The drill can go through solid objects but slows down when it does so. The serrated blades bounce allowing for trick shots or accidentally killing yourself if they bounce back. It would be nice to be able to try out some of the items in a less hectic setting or at least see some sort of compendium explaining their quirks.

The final variety issues fall under game modes. Right now there is couch play, online play and…that’s it. The difference between the modes is just if you are playing locally or online. At the top of the screen, it shows 10 kill goal and 25-second rounds which makes me think they can be customized but I was unable to find out how.

Guntastic gameplay
Every man demon, monkey, zombie and living poop for themselves.


Guntastic is a solid game currently, I think I would enjoy it more if I could get more people playing. The game is not scheduled for full release until Q4 2019 so there is still time for the developers to implement some more content. More levels and level shuffling would be a huge improvement that I think they should work on first. A single-player training or even a mission mode just to get used to some of the weapon and upgrade quirks would be neat as well.

In the end, it doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle of the party brawler one-shot games held by Duck Game. But with the quirky sense of humor, push for as fast as possible rounds and passionate developers that seem willing to receive feedback and improve their game. Guntastic might just be the next party game to enter my go-to list when it’s time to party.

In coffee terms Muggy picture.

In Coffee Terms

Guntastic is like a V Iced Coffee Double Espresso Guarana Energy Drink (an actual product). It contains the classic sort of coffee experience you might remember from growing up. But then it turbocharges it by blasting it with guarana energy. An enjoyable taste in smaller servings, the surplus of energy probably won’t sustain over a longer time though and larger servings might not be advisable.

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