This War of Mine Receives Final Update; Adds New Characters, Scenarios and More

this war of mine
this war of mine

This War of Mine released originally back in November 2014, and received loads of content and bug-fixing updates. Developer 11 Bit Studios definitely wanted to honor their emotional survival title for its five-year anniversary with a content update. The Final Cut marks the last content update released for the title.

The update doesn’t only add content. It is a soft remaster of the entire game, re-imagining classic levels, adding 21:9 display, overhauls the game’s interface, and as usual, crushes some bugs and fixes reported issues. Art Director Przemyslaw Marszał expressed his thoughts on the Final Cut update and what it resembles to This War of Mine.

We think of the Final Cut as a closing episode to the one-of-a-kind series This War of Mine has been. It will remain precious to our hearts and I don’t know what ideas the future will bring but Final Cut is final by no means The creative minds in our studio, who were with the game up to this point, started to pursue new challenges. So we’re excited about what’s coming.

This War of Mine: Final Cut is available for now for only $5, with the promotion ending today, November 16th. Check out the Final Cut content update trailer below.

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