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The Adventure Pals is a fun, cartoonified epic action-platformer. Developed by Massive Monster and published by Armor Games Studio.

Now I axe you, does this look hard?

Story 4.5/5

The story in The Adventure Pals is pretty simple. Papa gives you some birthday presents including a new giraffe best friend. His friend Mr. B riding a giant bee then kidnaps Papa and turns him into a giant hotdog person. So pretty typical stuff.

From here the player begins a journey to beat up a bunch of baddies. Collect a bunch of items. De-hotdogify people. And of course, defeat the evil Mr. B so he can’t hotdogify any other old folks.

Throughout your journey, the player will encounter a host of characters and perfectly normal situations. Helping a whale regain its confidence. Taking a side in a battle between toast and dinosaurs. Assisting pirates in an election taking place in a legendary sunken city. Just your average day in the life of a hero.

In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, The Adventure Pals is about as wacky and madcap as it gets. And it is absolutely adorable.

Need platforms? Enemies will do.

Graphics 5/5

The Adventure Pals is in a word, charming. In a few more words, the art style of The Adventure Pals feels like a midway point between Adventure Time and the Cyanide and Happiness webcomics. The characters are bright and filled with personality. The way the bounce around and move is endearing. Each character feels distinct and fun.

Everything in the game looks so bright, happy and full of life, it would make a fantastic cartoon series. Anthropomorphizing items is a staple of both cartoons and games. But there is a difference between making something with a personality and just slapping a face on something. The Adventure Pals is very much the former with Mr. Rock, your backpack and a giant cupcake guy to name just a few.

Under the sea. Under the sea.

Sound 4/5

Almost as impressive as the art, the music is full of life and very well done. The music fits in well with the tone of the game, eliciting further feelings of excitement and fun.

It’s pretty much all you could ask of for a game soundtrack. Most tracks are chiptunes with some extra layers and they all sound great. I have a particular fondness for “Among the Grasslands” which carries a very retro feel along with a modern flair. It also has a little part that reminds me of the song Together in Electric Dreams by Phillip Oakley and Giorgio Moroder, but that might just be my weirdness. I also get a lot of Super Smash Bros vibe from the music, which is no bad thing.

Less impressive but still very well done is the sound effects. Like most games they are solid and fit well, nothing obnoxious or out of place. But again like most games, nothing too stand out either.

Even whales have self-confidence issues.

Gameplay 4.5/5

The Adventure Pals is part action platformer. Part brawler. Part puzzle game, and contains RPG elements such as leveling up and side-quests. The developers might have been accused of doing too much, but everything works.

Stages can be entered via the world map, which you can run around, explore and uncover secrets on. Once you enter a stage there are a series of smaller levels where you have to get to the exits. Each level is filled with enemies to beat up, coins to collect and may contain collectible cupcakes and sticker packs.

You are given a few options to defeat your enemies. You can hit them with your sword which runs into combos. You can jump on some enemies. Some enemies can be launched at others to explode. And you even have items including bombs in case that isn’t enough explosions for you.

Platforming also gives you a few moves to use. Walking, running, jumping, double jumping, wall jumping. But the best move, not for traversal because it depends on the situation, but because it looks great is when you use Sparkles the Giraffe’s tongue as a helicopter to cover longer distances.

Much like the story elements of the game, the actual gameplay mechanics are fun and inventive.

Bacon and Eggs, the deadliest morning combination.


The Adventure Pals is a great game. It is fun, inventive, well-polished, allows for two-player local co-op (which can now be online with Steam’s remote play option). Uncovering secrets, collecting items and just playing the story are all hugely satisfying and fun. Fun I guess would be the operative word in describing this game. Fun and cute.

A fun experience by yourself, and an even more fun one with a friend. The second player is also a different design to the main player. Whereas the main player is a boy, player two is a girl, the main player gets a giraffe, player two gets a long-necked unicorn.

The Adventure Pals is an adorable and well-made game that I will keep going back to until I complete it, and even then I might head back some more.

In coffee terms muggy.

In Coffee Terms

To describe the game in coffee terms I would say. The Adventure Pals is like ordering a straight black and then finding the barista has filled it with various syrups, added whipped cream on top and then chocolate powder on top of that. It should be too saccharine and sweet to consume, but somehow it isn’t. In fact, it’s delicious. Because the barista knows what they are doing, they know the limits of sweetness and they skirt them with reckless abandon and perfect control.

The only thing left to say is, can I have another, please?

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