Served, slam-dunking food – First Sip Review

Served is a competitive party game in which chefs try to slam-dunk food onto plates. Developed and published by tippedchair.


Nope. As a party game, there is no story to speak of. A group of chefs have to serve food somehow, so I guess they got together and made a game of it.

Served gameplay
Get that weak sauce out of my kitchen.

Graphics 3.5/5

Served is bright and colorful. Characters are very cartoony, with their heads almost as big as their bodies. Each chef is a fun design, there is the default human lady. Dinosaur chef. Robot chef and my favorite, the shark chef. Stages are vibrant as well, with fairly detailed backgrounds. Everything from a regular kitchen to a huge arena complete with an audience. And even a remote village filled with little huts.

Food items are pretty easy to spot on the screen. Red pieces of uncooked meat. Green lettuces. Orange…oranges, and more.

Served gameplay.
Anybody order the +3 special?

Sound 3/5

The music in Served is as funky fresh as the food hopefully is. As a typical party game, the songs are pretty upbeat and fun to match the mood of the game.

Sound effects are pretty standard, with the notable use of the airhorn which can get annoying but didn’t during my time with the game.

Served gameplay
be careful making pizzas near the sewers.

Gameplay 3.5/5

The objective in Served is mainly to plate your food fast. There are three different game modes, timed, points and Golden Spatula. Both timed and points are about plating the food, which is accomplished by grabbing a falling piece of food or picking it up off the floor (5-second rule). And getting it to the plates either by throwing or more satisfyingly dunking it on.

Plates are considered completed when 3 items have dunked onto them. Certain foods are considered special as well and using only special food on a plate increases the score. You will also be able to tackle and pick up items like knives to use in order to disrupt opposing players.

Golden Spatula mode differs from the other modes in that the objective here is just to hold on to the Golden Spatula. The player with the spatula scores points and the others need to knock it out of their hands and claim it for themselves.

Served gameplay.
Robots need to eat too…I guess?


Served is a fun party game. But like most party games it is best played with a full 4 people. With a full group, this game can be a lot of fun and have people shouting out “Kobe” when they shoot some beef into the ring/plate.

The game also has a button dedicated to taunts, which is great for adding insult to injury.

Unfortunately with the faster pace of the game, the animations aren’t as fluid as they could be. Controls are also less responsive than say Duck Game, but they aren’t that bad.

Served feels like it might be missing a special ingredient and may need to stay in the kitchen a little longer to reach maximum potential. But the taste is good enough for people who are too hungry to wait.

In coffee terms muggy.

In Coffee Terms

Served is like a coffee at a bustling cafe. It’s too loud to enjoy any peace or relaxation. But if you bring a few friends along you can enjoy a laugh or two instead. The taste of the coffee itself is ok, nothing to write home about. But it’s not so bad you’d want to throw it out either. There are better, more full-flavored experiences, but this one will do in a pinch. Or even if you just want something different for a change.

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