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We recently had the good fortune to sit down and play the wonderful Superliminal.

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Having actually completed the game in one sitting with no assistance, I thought I would impart some wisdom to other dreamers out there.

Superliminal gameplay
Nothing is what it seems, yet everything is exactly as it seems.

Perception is Reality

Superliminal has a tendency to provide you hints throughout the game. The largest of these hints is that perception is reality. Keeping this in mind will help you succeed in this dreamworld. The reverse of this works as well, reality is perception. If you believe you are stuck and stop looking, that will be your reality. As much of a life lesson as it is gameplay mechanic.

Back to the game though, if you perceive an item to be large then it will be, if you perceive it to be in the next room, it will be. Some puzzles can be solved merely by changing the size or location of an object.

Think outside the box

Superliminal likes to change things up a lot so you’re likely to see different solutions to each puzzle. Just because something worked in the last room doesn’t mean it will work in the next one. Always keep your mind open for new things to try. Sometimes the solution will be as simple as standing on a button and grabbing an item from another room. Other times it will be as complex as going through a door, changing the size of the room and then exiting to experience the world from another angle.

Never rule out a possible solution and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Superliminal gameplay
Remember it’s all a dream.

Touch everything

The little cursor that indicates where you are facing will change into a hand if you can interact with an object. If you can interact with an object then there is a high chance you’ll need it for puzzle solving. And remember that items can have different uses. A lit sign can be a flashlight. A dice can be a platform. All interactable items can have a function (with the possible exclusions of fire extinguishers and fire alarms, that are mostly there to add to the dreamworld lore).

Sometimes objects you don’t think you’ll need will come into play. Other times you’ll find that something you didn’t think was an object actually is. Going back to the idea of perception, looking at an image from the correct angle can change its reality turning it from a 2D image to a 3D object, just look out for the hand icon, it’s your friend.

Don’t be afraid to leave the path

Just because the game is telling you to go one way doesn’t mean it actually wants you to. There are numerous times throughout the game where pathways diverge and you can choose which one to follow. There are also times in which backtracking is necessary, sometimes you’ll need an item from a previous room. As long as there is no shimmering door items can be taken through. If you enter a new room without a shimmering door blocking items, keep it in mind as you may have to backtrack.

Superliminal gameplay
If it doesn’t make sense then make it make sense.

There are no wrong answers

Superliminal is a game that rewards persistence and experimentation. There is no punishment for failing to solve a puzzle other than remaining in that room. Even if you end up making a mistake that stops you from progressing you can always pause and restart from a checkpoint. For instance, with one puzzle you could change your size, I made myself so small that I ended up slipping through an object and falling beneath the game forever. A quick pause and a restart from checkpoint and I was back to the puzzle.

As well as there being no wrong answers, there are also sometimes more than one right answer. Superliminal wants you to think outside the box so it doesn’t put you in one. If there is a wall with no roof you can go over it. If there is nothing but darkness you can head into it. No matter how lost or stuck you think you are there will always be a way to continue.

Never give up

To reiterate a few of the above points as well as one of the key motifs of the game. Never give up, persistence is key. Even if you can’t find the answer at first there is one. Sometimes you just need to look at things from another angle. Whether that means shrinking yourself down or even just looking up, the pieces of the puzzle are there for you to find.

If all else fails then take a break, come back to it with fresh eyes and a clear mind.

Superliminal gameplay
Everything has its use.

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