6 Indie games out on the Switch this week

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Not sure what you want to buy for a friend’s birthday this week? Want to pick up a super cool Indie title you can tell all your fellow commuters about while on the train to work with your switch? Then look no further- I’m Will Goad and I’m here to bring you 6 titles to stock up your library with this week on Nintendo switch! Let’s begin.

6. Black Future ’88 – Thursday 21st

Avoid the glowing things.

The announcement trailer promises that with the game’s couch co-op you’ll be able to “Ruin Friendships”. I mean seriously, Who needs friends when you can be in a world where it’s always 1988, that means that it’s always the launch year of Super Mario Bros 2!

Cool Robot dudes

Climb a procedurally generated skyscraper to defeat an evil mastermind who keeps dropping nuclear bombs on the world below. Fight through 5 distinct zones in a retro cyberpunk post-nuclear apocalypse world. Kill each zone’s unique bosses with a selection of 50 weapons and 30 character buffs all while listening to the game’s killer original analog synth soundtrack.

Prices and Links:

UK £17.99
US $19.99
EU $ 19.99


5. Still there – Wednesday 20th

This is a game that Chris did a full preview of and guess what it’s still there and by there I mean the link which you should click on before it’s… err… no longer still there?

..said Karl’s Alarm.

In this one, you play as Karl Hamba, the sole operator of The Bento, an isolated space lighthouse with your AI companion. In the trailer, he receives a transmission from his (daughter?) which seems to suggest that he’s on the station to be alone after a tragic accident. It’s a story-driven adventure game about lingering grief, technical puzzles, wacky AIs and dark humor. ANNND you can make “the perfect Italian coffee” in-game so as a coffee themed news site we have to give it +5 Game of the Year Potential Points for that.

Prices and Links:

UK £13.49 £12.14 (-10%) Offer until: 27/11/2019
US $14.99 $13.49 
EU $ 14.99 € 13.49 (-10%) Offer until: 27/11/2019

This video’s still there

4. Children of Morta – Wednesday 20th

Children of Morta family
Family is found in what we share

Children of Morta is a story-driven rogue-lite which follows the emotional tale of a valiant family (6 of whom are playable) standing together while the world around them is being devoured by darkness.

The Beast of Children of Morta
The Beasts!

Fight through multiple biomes over different biomes using magical items to enhance your character’s skillset. One thing I really love about this game is that any character upgrades you get apply to every member of the family. This title is being reviewed very highly from what I’ve seen and is brought to us by Dead Mage while 11 Bit Studios is handling publishing.

Prices and Links:

UK £19.79
US $21.99
EU $ 21.99

3. Munchkin: Quacked Quest – Tuesday 19th

Plutonium Dragons – Crazy, Right?

One of the games I’m most excited about on this list is Munchkin: Quaked Quest. Why? Firstly because Chris did a Still Brewing article on it here. And secondly, well, the combination of hacking and slashing my way through dungeons, defeating bosses and betraying my friends in the race to “win” objectives sounds pretty fantastic.

That chest looks ripe for looting!

One of the main features is local multiplayer so we’ll soon see whether it can still stand up on its own two feet for those of us with slightly less than 1 friends. You can choose from any combination of the 4 races and 4 classes (Fashionable Orc Priest sounds like me). Despite the dungeons being randomly generated it should last you a while as it includes 15 different enemies and multiple bosses all of which can be slaughtered with more than 20 different weapons.

Prices and Links:

UK £22.49
US $24.99 $21.24 
EU $ 24.99

2. Castle of No Escape 2 – Friday 22nd

This title features random level generation with over 216 rooms to defeat in the castle as well as a cool NES style including that you need to input 13 characters to recover your game’s session.

castle of no escape 2 gameplay
Is this not an original SNES game?

It features a variety of playable characters and a variety of cool enemies. Imagine a 2D version of Enter the Gungeon perhaps. This game will by no means be anyone’s game of the year but for only £4.36 it should make a neat little addition to your library.

Castle of no escape 2 gameplay
A choice of characters to spice things up.

Prices and Links:

UK £4.36
US $4.99
EU € 4.99

1. Tiny Gladiators – Friday 22nd

The concept of this game is pretty, well obvious, you’re a gladiator. You go around smashing your foes with your mighty battle axe until they beg for surrender.

Fight through 195 levels and 22 bosses in this fast-paced brawler with an RPG twist. You can play against friends in local multiplayer and if you really need a challenge you can always flick the difficulty up to hardcore.

Prices and Links:

UK £13.49 £10.79 (-20%) Offer until: 21/11/2019
US $14.99 $11.99 
EU $ 14.99 € 11.99 (-20%) Offer until: 21/11/2019

That’s it for this week folks, be sure to check back for next week’s edition. Here’s a bonus game coming out this week: Doom 64.

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