Tools Up! Lets You Design a House from Scratch

tools up
tools up

Ever wanted to build your own house the way you really wanted to? Even if it means terrible color coordination and wacky furniture? Well, Polish development studio The Knights of Unity has set a release date on their coop building title, Tools Up!.

The game offers players single-player and multiplayer experiences for up to four players where each handles a different task. Players can do whatever they please with the house at hand, ranging from painting walls and laying down tiles to moving furniture and reassigning rooms. Tools Up! isn’t that easy though, as the game will challenge you with “environmental elements” like hurricanes, earthquakes, and even lava to test your skill. Here is a brief description of the title and its main features.

Tools Up! is a local multiplayer game for up to four players. Work together against the clock and host a wild renovation party in your very own home!


• Work hard – paint walls, lay tiles and throw everything you need to other rooms.

• Play better together – join up to three players to move couches against the clock.

• Expect the unexpected – environmental elements spice up things. Have you ever renovated a building surrounded by lava?

• Lead the team – whoever holds the blueprint is in charge of the camera angle.

• Join in the fun – simple controls and a low entry level make Tools Up! a perfect party game for everyone.

Tools Up! releases on December 3rd for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the game’s official release date trailer below.

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