Valhall Takes Battle Royale to the Vikings


The battle royale genre is enjoying its fair share in the spotlight ever since Epic Games’ Fortnite’s release, and even before that. Since then, a unique battle royale experience pops up in the market, hoping to replicate Fortnite’s success. Developer Blackrose Arts decided to take the genre to the appealing Vikings era and see how it goes with Valhall.

Valhall takes 50 players to the battlefield to test their fighting and survival skills set in the Viking times. The map itself is split into four distinct parts, each with its own season and dynamic weather. There is an arena where supposedly the last two players will duel it out to announce the last man standing. Here is a brief description of the title’s key features:

Key Features:

Welcome to VALHALL!
The map is separated into 4 even parts, each with a different season and environment with dynamic weather and lighting systems.

Show your rage!
Deep, fun, skill-based melee combat system. Feel in complete control of your actions with responsive combat and movement options.

Choose your view!
You are able to play from first and third person perspectives.

The map is constantly crumbling away. A gravity field surrounds the map and shrinks further and further towards the center.

Great battles and single combats!
50 warriors fight on the eternal battlefield. With a huge arena in the middle of the map, only one shall leave alive!

Valhall will go into Steam’s Early Access program to get players feedback and help the studio shape the experience to the community’s liking. Check out the game’s official gameplay trailer below.

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