Trysaria, a throwback adventure – Still Brewing

Revisiting the RPG of Yore

Many critics of modern-day RPGs will say that the best parts of the genre died in the 90s. Though there are still some great qualities shown in today’s role-playing adventures, the simple spirit of adventure has been diluted by powerful graphics and complex interfaces. For Oblitus Games, they prefer to revisit the days when top-down views were as close as one could get to 3D graphics. They want to bring back the thrill of discovery. Deep and epic stories need to be told. They want to show players the true nature of an action RPG.

As a result of this, Oblitus Games is in the process of developing a new RPG adventure called Trysaria. The game is currently in early access on Steam, but thanks to the developers, I was able to play a fresh version of the title. Here is a little taste of what I played.

The World of Trysaria

It is apparent from the very beginning that this game is harkening back to a bygone era. The story beings with the telling of a story. As a young child is nestled in bed, her Pap-Pap cames to tell her a story of how a great warrior named Fain became someone called the Guardian. It is at this point that you take over the role of Fain and see the story through.

The world of Trysaria is very large and is continuing to grow in size as it progresses in development. The main character is not human. Humans may not even make it into this game. The main denizens of this world are anthropomorphic wombat-like creatures that live simple lives in a small town called Redrock. Outside of the village are other races that bear familiar likenesses to other animals as well.

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It is easy to see the 90s’ inspiration here.

A Familiar Playthrough

The feel of this game is reminiscent of older ARPG games like Crystalis and Secret of Mana. On the surface, it may feel like Trysaria is just rehashing an old concept, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Fain can accumulate resources around the world and use them to craft new armor and items. Some of the environments even produce items that he can use throughout his adventure. If given enough time, chickens will even lay eggs around town.

The developers have implemented a weather system in this game to mix things up. At one point the weather in Trysaria may be calm and then a storm moves in a few moments later. There is even a consistent day and night cycle. This is a very rare addition to games inspired by older titles.

The combat heavily reminds me of the Squaresoft “Secret” games aswell. Fain can use a variety of weapons, and even find some laying around town, like lumber axes and wooden swords. At this point in the development, the enemies are restricted to their base attacks, but I would imagine seeing the implementation of magic very soon. There is a lot of potential here.

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Typical RPG rhetoric; specific enough to be helpful, vague enough to get you lost.

The Sounds of an RPG

I would have to say that my favorite feature of the early access demo is the soundtrack. The music fits so well with the environments that Fain journeys through. The light strings and warm flute of the village make me think back to the Shire in LOTR. The soft music of the forest gives the journey through it a mysterious feeling as if an enemy could jump out at any moment. Even the sound effects are right on cue, with crackling lighting and the “thwack” of a well-placed hit. The sound editing in this game is practically finished.

A Long Journey Ahead

This title still has quite a long way to go until it is ready to come out of early access. I noticed quite a few bugs and glitches throughout the playthrough, but most of them were cosmetic in nature and did not damage the game. The developer is very forward about letting everyone know that this is a work in progress.

Despite its rough edges at this time, Trysaria is shaping up to becoming a great little ARPG adventure for gamers of all generations. So, if you are interested in taking off into the land of Trysaria, you just need to wait a little bit longer for the finished product.

Make sure to check out Trysaria on Steam today!

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