Don’t Die, Minerva! Receives Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access Release Dates

Development studio Xaviant, known for their work on the battle royale title The Culling, are now coming back with a procedurally generated rogue-lite where players battle off ghosts and spooky monsters in an abandoned mansion, titled Don’t Die, Minerva!.

The studio recently revealed via a press release they managed to struck deals with Steam and Microsoft to deliver their title on Steam’s Early Access as well as Xbox Game Preview. Xaviant’s Director of Operations, Josh Van Veld, shared his thoughts on the announcement and even post-content launch plan.

The studio has lots of varied content coming to Don’t Die, Minerva! after its release, including new types of weapons, loot, enemies, and levels. Here is Van Veld’s statement below.

While we’re more than proud of the game we’re shipping, it really is the tip of the iceberg. Our roadmap for ongoing development includes more of literally everything- weapons, loot, enemies, and levels, just to name a few. Each step of the process will involve community feedback through dev blogs, surveys, and social media. Players will absolutely help us shape our plans as we go.

We’ve found a special blend of hack-and-slash action RPG meets twin-stick shooter, with a side of cooperative AI helpers. Together with procedurally generated loot, dungeons, and affixed enemies, rogue-lite fans are going to find a lot to love.

Don’t Die, Minerva! now officially releases onto both Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on December 5th. Check out the game’s announcement trailer from back in October.

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