Raven’s Path, battle on the fly – Still Brewing

Raven's path gameplay

What Do We Know So Far?

Who are behind Raven’s Path?

The team behind Raven’s Path are Evil Villian Games. A very small (2 person) team based in Salem, MA.

What kind of game will it be?

Raven’s Path is a hybrid grid-based tactical RPG and action game. Essentially you have an army and must defeat an incoming enemy army while making real-time decisions. The positioning of your troops will need to be done on the fly to counter enemies and secure your victory.

Where will we find it?

The game is being developed for mobile, both Android (Google Play Store) and IOS (Apple Play) have been confirmed.

When can we get it?

Currently, the game is scheduled for a Q1 2020 release. However, there is an active Alpha at the time of writing which you can apply to be part of on their website. Links will be listed below for anyone interested in being a part of how the game develops.

Raven's Path Gameplay

More info required!

Based on the trailer and the information provided. Raven’s Path will involve building an army and moving your units in real-time to respond to situations. Likely there would be a tactical reason to move the units around, with levels either needing you to bolster defenses in certain places. Or potentially unit types will have strengths and weaknesses making it in your best interest to try for favorable match-ups.

The trailer also shows a range of equipment you can obtain to customize your units. As well as skills to unlock that will increase the effectiveness of units. The trailer also shows a settlement which can be expanded into an empire over time, likely this will further increase the effectiveness of your army.

As your army will constantly march forward and defeated enemies drop coins, the game sort of has a slight tower defense element to it as well. But most of all, as a mobile game levels are likely to be short and constantly engaging with high replayability. And the trailer exudes a just one more round feel.

We here at Sip Read Repeat hope to bring you a full review when we can. Check back later and keep gaming and drinking (coffee).

Raven’s Path Links

Website: https://evilvillaingames.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EvilVilainGames

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