Action-Packed Platformer Neon Abyss Receives Demo

neon abyss

Sometimes we just need to play a colorful and action-packed platformer, and Neon Abyss is there to satisfy that itch to the fullest. Development studio Veewo Games, in partnership with publisher Team17, revealed there s a finally a demo for players to try out the title.

Neon Abyss offers players the explosive experience of trying out destructive weapons under water and use them to defeat several Gods on their way to cure themselves from the curse which has plagued your character. The game offers an ability upgrade tree for players to tailor to their preferred playstyle, as well as a plethora of weapon combinations.

There is a unique and expandable underworld. You can choose a personalized upgrade path to expand your dungeon and unlock new rooms, bosses, items, special rules, and new endings. Each of your adventures will expand the content of the dungeon, and every choice you make will change the rules of the game. ( Not included in the demo )

We love builds! Passive effects between items will stack and affect each other, and there is no limit to the number of effects you can apply to your character. No one knows what will happen, or what you’ll create.

Dynamically generated maps, more than 500 items, over 100 monsters and bosses with different styles, multiple endingsand countless secrets ensure that every adventure is completely fresh.

Neon Abyss full launch is scheduled for some time in 2020. However, a demo of the title is currently available through here, or you can get it through Steam.

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