Fury Unleashed, comics are hell – First Sip Review

Unleashed is an action platformer focused on fast and difficult gameplay. The game is both developed and published by Awesome Games Studio.

Story 3.5/5

Fury Unleashed is set in a comic book. Like full on inside a comic book. Your character, the aptly named Fury, needs to tear a path of destruction through a series of comics. Inside the reality of the game, there is a comic series using the titular Fury Unleashed name. However, the author of the comic, John Kowalsky is having creativity issues and is thinking of abandoning the series. As Fury you need to fight through key issues of the comic and confront the shadowy Mr. Doodle, to prove to him that Fury Unleashed has what it takes to continue.

Chances are the story would have some more interesting aspects to it later in the game but it’s so hard I never got to them. More on that in gameplay.

Fury Unleashed Boss
The Aztec Shaman is a hoot at barbeques.

Graphics 4.5/5

Being based on a fictional comic, the art-style in Fury Unleashed is unsurprisingly comic-like. Thick black outlines and deep full colors make the game great to look at. Similarly, you can customize the character with various different options such as skin tone, hairstyle and war paint. There are even fan-created heads in the Steam Workshop. I played through the game with a friend and we created the dream team of Earthworm Jim and the T-800.

Each panel of the comic is a room in which you fight, filled with enemies, traps, and upgrades. These rooms are densely packed giving off a really strong arcade feel. Which based on the gameplay is a look they were going for. Enemies are varied and distinct enough to tell apart which is helpful for dealing with them effectively.

The game also contains giant mini-bosses and bosses, all of which have distinct and impressive visual styles as well.

The only real issue, which is sort of a gameplay concern, is that having a few enemies on-screen firing attacks while traps surround you can become overwhelmingly hectic. But again, this is kind of what the developers were going for.

Fury Unleashed gameplay
In space, no one can hear you die repeatedly.

Sound 4/5

Fury Unleashed uses a mostly rock/metal soundtrack that really gets the adrenalin pumping. Composed by Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz who have contributed to games such as The Witcher, Bulletstorm and Shadow Warrior 2. These guys know a thing or two about high octane music, and it shows. Most of the time it will be hard to focus on the music with the pandemonium on screen. But if you turn it off the absence is notable, which is a sign of how well it fits.

Sound effects are pretty solid too, the swing of a melee weapon, the thud from slamming down, plenty of gunfire and reloading. All the sound effects are fitting and even hearing the rocket launcher reload noise 145 times a page wasn’t too annoying.

In short, the sound design is well handled.

Fury Unleashed boss
As an Early Access title, there are still some bugs, this one looks nasty.

Gameplay 4/5

Fury Unleashed is an action platformer, as such, it draws heavily from Contra and Metal Slug styled games. That is to say, the game is set up with the arcade mentality of super high difficulty yet super engaging gameplay. Each comic (there are three in total right now as well as a sketchbook epilogue) are made up of multiple pages, each page is randomized with the enemies, upgrade portals and even traps being different each time. The rooms are finite though and you will notice the same room setups crop up occasionally. However, the placement of the enemies and the upgrade portals have so many options you’re not likely to experience the same room setup ever.

Upgrade portals are found randomly throughout the levels and can provide many upgrades. Some are chests with a random piece of equipment (guns, melee weapons, armor, grenade mods etc.) Others are stores where you can buy an item with gold ink, or sometimes health, or maybe buy some health with gold, or even sign a deal with the devil (which contains a small print that drops your max health).

There are so many items in the game that 6 hours in there are still new guns to try out.

Fury Unleashed skill tree
Make your Skill Tree a Kill Tree.

More than just an action platformer

While Fury Unleashed claims to be an action platformer and most certainly is. The game also contains other elements to set it apart. For instance, your character can double jump, sprint, and air dash allowing for a lot of mobility, which is helpful because there are a lot of bullet hell aspects to the game. The game also uses a combo system which makes dodging a meta-game in itself.

The other major aspect that sets the game apart from other action platformers is the roguelike elements. Each run you will collect ink from defeated foes, completed challenges, converted items, and other such sources. this ink will go to increasing your Hero Level, which allows you skill points that go to permanently increasing the power of your characters.

The skill points are linked to each other so some earlier upgrades must invest a skill point before later ones can be upgraded. But, the game allows the points to be removed as well so you can shift your build if something isn’t working for you. For instance, if you’ve been focused on grenade power-ups but keep dying, you might want to reinvest in the combo skill tree which provides upgrades like a shield for every 5 combo stacks.

Fury Unleashed boss
I guess even Xenomorphs get sick.


In conclusion, Fury Unleashed is a punishing but fun game. The roguelike elements, as well as the procedurally generated levels, make multiple runs fun and exciting. When you are more powered up and can achieve combos more easily they are incredibly satisfying. You can also unlock certain items that can be set in your loadout for new runs including melee and ranged weapons. The melee weapons are sadly just alternate skins that don’t affect gameplay at all. But, ranged weapons will change things, the default SMG is fast but fairly weak, while a sniper rifle is strong but has only a single bullet in the clip.

I would have enjoyed some more unlockable loadout items. For instance, a random elemental melee weapon would be fun. But, the game is still in Early Access and being actively worked on.

Final note, if possible play with a friend, it’s both easier and more fun. It’s also more hectic but the trade-off is still worth it.

In Coffee Terms Muggy

In Coffee Terms

Using coffee terms, I would call Fury Unleashed a strong black coffee. The flavor harkens back to classic coffee of the past but retains its own unique taste. It’s an incredibly strong coffee that won’t be to everyone’s taste, in fact even experienced coffee drinkers will probably take their time getting used to it. But, it is ultimately satisfying and best served with a friend so you can bond over the blackness of your beverages.

Fury Unleashed Links

Website: https://www.furyunleashed.net/
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/465200/Fury_Unleashed/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/awesomegamesstd?lang=en

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