Unravel Eerie Mysteries of Lorgna Town in Doll


Sometimes horror titles don’t need jump scares or evil monsters to scare you, sometimes all it takes is an eerie setting, unsettling characters, and weird conversations with random characters standing in the rain. This is exactly what you get to experience in Doll.

Doll is a horror title by French indie developer Braisque, where players find themselves stranded in a small town and try to uncover the mystery of what got them there in the first place. You will go around town talking to various characters to try and piece together what happened and how. Every individual will give you a piece of information and you try to piece it together. Here are the title’s main features:

  • There is no “jump scare,” nor is there any stressful situation per se. The horror is in the very existence of the people of Lorgna.
  • Some characters have several dialogues. These new dialogues are only available after an event and if the character is involved.
  • If a resident gives you information as certain, it is probably verifiable…
  • Carefully observe the places you visit. You may find useful clues.

Doll is currently available for purchase on Steam or through itch.io. Check out the title’s trailer below.

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