6 Indie Games Out on Switch This Week

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Well, here we are. Another week and another batch of 6 indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch. We have some fun ones this week, so prepare those wallets. The Holidays are fast approaching, but that does not mean we cannot splurge beforehand. My name is Jason, and here are 6 indie games releasing the week of December 2nd.

EarthNight – Tues, Dec. 3

EarthNight Trailer

EarthNight is a painting that has been brought to life. It is also a love letter to classic arcade games. Developed by Cleaversoft, EarthNight will have you running on the backs of dragons as you make your way back to earth. Thanks to its procedurally generated levels, every run feels fresh and unique. Do yourself a favor and check out this beautiful game!

US – $14.99
UK – £12.59
EU – €13,99

Tools Up! – Tues, Dec. 3

Tools Up! Official Trailer

Tools Up! is a fun indie game about remodeling, designing, and renovating houses. It is a fun party game that requires good ol’ cooperation. ALL IN! GAMES has outdone themselves with this silly yet incredibly designed multiplayer experience. I was able to play it at Tokyo Game Show this year, and I highly recommend it!

US – $19.99
UK – £17.99
EU – €19,99

Skellboy – Tues, Dec. 3 Delayed to Q1 2020

Skellboy Trailer

Skellboy is an action role-playing game by Fabraz. After the king’s evil court magician got dumped by the princess, chaos befell Cubold Kingdom. It is up to you and the hero, Skippy, to save the day! You can swap out body parts and even try out numerous weapons throughout your adventure. It looks to be both a cute and challenging experience, so look forward to it.

US – Price Not Currently Listed
UK – Price Not Currently Listed
EU – Price Not Currently Listed

Big Pharma – Thurs, Dec. 5

Big Pharma Console Trailer

Big Pharma is a simulation game by Klabater. It puts you in the position of running a pharmaceutical conglomerate. You are also put in the strange position of discovering medicines that could save the world, but you also need to make a profit. How will you use this power? Will it be for good? For evil? Maybe a little bit of both? In Big Pharma, the choice is yours.

US – $29.99
UK – £26.99
EU – €29,99

Must Dash Amigos – Thurs, Dec. 5

Must Dash Amigos Switch Announcement

Must Dash Amigos is a ton of fun! It is a wild party game made by MINIBEAST, and it will lend an amazing time to you and your friends. It is a top-down battle racer that is easy to play and understand. A great game for families and gatherings, so if you are looking for a good time, go dash with your amigos!

US – $17.99
UK – £14.99
EU – €15,99

Space Pioneer – Fri, Dec. 6

Space Pioneer Gameplay Trailer

Space Pioneer is an action role-playing game by QubicGames, and it can be played with up to 4 players. It is a twin-stick shooter that pins you against hordes of aliens across numerous stages and worlds. Find some comrades, pack your weapons, and get rid of the alien menace. It is up to you, so check out Space Pioneer as soon as you can.

US – $9.99
UK – £8.99
EU – €9,99

There Are Your Nindies!

There are your 6 indie games on Switch this week. Tune in again next week on Sip Read Repeat for your next dose of recommendations as well as previews, reviews, and more! Happy gaming, everyone.

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