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Indivisible is an action RPG platformer. Developed by Lab Zero Games (the team behind the fighter Skullgirls). And published by 505 Games.

Story 5/5

Indivisible follows the story of a young girl named Ajna who lives in a small rural town with her father. However, Ajna is no normal girl, she is bold, brave and strong. Being trained by her father to be an incredible fighter, much to her chagrin, feeling that she may be being pushed too hard to fight. But, the training soon pays off when the village is suddenly attacked, even Ajna’s father is defeated and it is up to her now to protect the land. Unfortunately, she cannot save the village, nor her father. But, inside of her, a power awakens that might just save the world itself.

This strange power allows her to absorb her father’s killer into her mind and call on his power in battle. A conflicting power to be sure. Ajna decides to put a stop to the evil that brought destruction to her home. She sets out on a journey and meets a slew of other colorful characters that react to her power as well. Eventually creating a force to be reckoned with that will go on to do great things.

Indivisible gameplay
The cake is a lie, but companion cube isn’t.

Graphics 5/5

Indivisible is an absolutely gorgeous game. The art in the game is hand-drawn, with a beautiful comic/manga feel to it. Much like the Skullgirls games the art, character design, and fluid animations are all top-notch. The cast of characters are varied, drawing inspiration from all over the world. Ajna’s design is that of a plucky young tomboy. While she is quite cute her personality always bled through and she feels perfect as the hero of this story.

Other characters are similarly well designed, with everything from a Kamen Rider-like Japanese hero to a gunsword-wielding conquistador. Once again the personalities of the characters come out in the designs, enhancing them as characters.

Enemies are also varied and well designed, during my time with the game none of the enemies I came across felt cliche or stock. Each enemy felt purposefully designed and once again the fluidity of the animation made them wonderful to see. But, these are just the regular enemies, the game also has bosses who are even more impressive in scope and design.

Indivisible also uses an interesting mix of 2D and 3D when it comes to environments and backgrounds. This gives the game a lot of visual depth while still feeling like a cohesive art-style.

Indivisible battle
Prepare for the ultimate High-Five.

Sound 5/5

Indivisible once again nails another game aspect. The music is all suited to the environments and situations present. When things are sad the music is melancholy, during a battle the music is heated and energetic, during a boss fight it gains a more epic quality. No pieces of music felt out of place, bland or annoying.

Sound design is well-handled as well, sound effects are fitting and varied enough to not get annoying. A sword strike carries a certain sound, while arrows carry another.

The game also has a fair bit of voice acting. The characters I interacted with that were voiced all sounded quite good. The voice actors are obviously professionals, with no strange audio quality differences and thankfully correct inflections. Many a time I have played a game, even a AAA studio game and heard voice acting that sounded odd to me or didn’t match the text on the screen. Indivisible is not one of those games.

Indivisible gameplay
Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith.

Gameplay 5/5

Indivisible is an interesting mix of action platformer and real-time RPG, both aspects are well handled and feel very natural. Even the transition between the playstyles is as fluid as the animations.

The Platforming

Indivisible is essentially a 2D game, while it does have slight aspects making it 2.5D you mostly will be moving along a fairly exclusive X and Y-axis. While controlling Anja outside of battle you can walk, run, slide, jump and various other abilities that are unlocked as you progress. Fairly early on you will receive Anja’s mother’s ax, which can be used as both a weapon and to cling onto walls. Anja will also be able to wall jump, gain access to a bow and arrow and plenty more.

While you explore the levels, you are also able to collect items including collectibles that can be used to power Anja up. These items are normally fairly out of the way or hidden but once you find enough you can go inside Anja’s mind and interact with two characters to gain more power.

Going inside Anja’s mind is also something you can do whenever, and it can be helpful for when you need to talk to a party member and ask for clues on how to proceed.

Enemies also appear on these screens, if you time it right you can launch pre-emptive strikes which brings us to the other main gameplay aspect.

Indivisible battle
Combos are a key to success.

The Combat

Battles in Indivisible are real-time RPG styled. What this means is that you and your enemies are on screen. And each combatant will be able to act when their meter fills up. Each party member is able to launch their attack using a different button. You can also choose to leave a character for a while and do a few actions in a row.

Each character also has multiple attacks that can be altered by holding a direction when launching the attack. For instance, Anja can launch an enemy into the air with an upward strike or knock them down with a downward one. While the sword-wielding Dhar is able to knock an enemy down with his upward strike or stock his power for a stronger more with his downward option. Some other characters like Ginseng & Honey are even able to heal other units. Ultimately it takes a team to succeed. As the message of the game tells us. Overcome Together.

You can also block with your characters during the enemy turns if you are fast enough to react. Or you can block with everyone but it consumes energy. Energy can also be used for special moves and abilities which you need to keep in mind.

It takes a little getting used to but it’s a fun and satisfying gameplay style. Some fights even shake things up by merging the turn-based combat with platforming sections.

Indivisible dialogue scene
Bring items to a demon monk in your mind to gain power, better than going to the gym.


Is Indivisible a perfect game? For me, it might be. While it is not completely devoid of flaws (such as issues even launching the game when it was first released). Any perceived imperfections in the actual game just add to the charm for me. While the game won’t be to everyone’s taste, there is a lot to love for most gamers. I found the merging of the gameplay styles to be hugely satisfying and the artwork is undeniably gorgeous to look at.

The roster of units is large and diverse, and each character gets their own backstory as well. For me, the only issues with the game were not knowing who to use when I recruited more than the 3 characters that can actively fight alongside Anja. And, not being able to stop playing, sinking hours into the game and still wanting more.

In Coffee Terms Muggy

In Coffee Terms

For me, Indivisible is like a coffee I was promised a long time ago. The barista is there behind the counter telling me the wait will be worth it. They just keep hyping it up and they go about preparing it. Then suddenly they tell me it’s ready, they call out my name but before I can get up to go get it they bring it out to me. With a wink and a smile, they place before me the most delightful drink I’ve seen in recent memory. I take a sip, it’s good. The flavors dance on my tongue. I drink a little more, the subtleties make themselves known, sweetness, bitterness, everything I could ask for. I go to take another sip, but sadly I realize my cup is empty because I’ve been sitting there drinking it non-stop.

Then there is nothing left to do. Until the barista comes back over with another cup so I can binge again.

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