Eastward, a miner and a minor – Still Brewing

Eastward gameplay

What do we know so far?

Who are behind Eastward?

Eastward is being developed by Pixpil Games. While the publishing will be handled by Chucklefish Ltd.

What kind of game will it be?

While the trailer and information so far would firmly place the game in the action-RPG genre. The game also looks to have a few other elements such as puzzle solving. Utilizing two main characters (John and Sam), which can be swapped on the fly to solve all manner of puzzles. From everything currently available the closest comparison would be the 2D Zelda games. And honestly, a 2D Zelda-like with two controllable characters sounds pretty neat.

Where will we find it?

Eastward is being developed for both PC and Mac. With a Steam page already open to wishlist the game. Console wise so far Nintendo Switch is the only one announced. However, Pixpil Games have not ruled out other consoles. They have just said that the PC, Mac and Switch releases are the priority. Depending on popularity and demand it is likely PS4 and XboxOne will see the game as well.

When can we get it?

No specific release date has been set as of yet. Pixpil Games have confirmed an intention to release during 2020. At this stage, though it has yet to be narrowed down to even a quarter period.

Eastward gameplay

More info required!

Set in a near-future where the Earth’s population has dwindled to an all-time low. A miner named John finds a mysterious young girl named Sam. Together the unlikely pair journey to unlock the secrets of Sam’s past, and maybe solve more mysteries on the way.

Plenty of obstacles will stand in their way, not least of which are the ravenous monsters that descend on the remains of the ruined towns. Together John and Sam will fight off these creatures, solve puzzles and learn more about their world, themselves and of course, each other.

Eastward is using a retro pixel-art style for its visuals. Although they are a lot more detailed than classic ARPG’s could manage with their technical limitations. The artwork is crisp and bright and the animation is smooth. Pixpil Games have been sharing a lot of updates on their twitter and it looks like Eastward has gone from strong to stronger. The game will also use a variety of classic ARPG inspired music with a soundtrack composed by Joel Corelitz (The Unfinished Swan) and sound design by Hyperduck (Dust: An Elysian Tale).

We here at Sip Read Repeat hope to bring you a full review when we can. Check back later and keep gaming and drinking (coffee).

Eastward Links

Website: https://eastwardgame.com/
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/977880/Eastward/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EastwardGame

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