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Gurgamoth is a violent multiplayer party game made by Galvanic Games and published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. This is simply a party game, so in this review, we will be neglecting the need to review a “story”. Instead, I will be reviewing its replayability as a party game. It is time for the cultists to awaken the Gurgamoth! Are you ready to party?

Are you ready for a sacrifice?


Right off the bloody knife, the menu gives us a clear image of what kind of cute and violent cartoon graphics we will be playing. Gurgamoth looks great and runs incredibly smooth. During matches with friends or bots, there is never a moment of slowdown, even when there are tons of things happening on screen.

The eight cultists and their designs are all very unique and fit perfectly into the world that Gurgamoth has created. On top of that, the stage selection is varied and all of them look amazing. Seeing the different stage hazards interacting with the cultists results in beautiful chaos. And seeing your enemies’ colored blood spattered on those hazards is especially fun to see.

Don’t touch me!


Gurgamoth has great sound effects and a killer soundtrack.

When the cultists are flying across the screen, the sounds of the dashes, thuds, hits, and deaths are all so clear and satisfying. The team at Galvanic Games clearly put a lot of focus in making the multiplayer experience as full as possible, and they absolutely nailed the sound.

The soundtrack is even more impressive. Each stage is just bumping with fantastic underground dance music. There were many times I just wanted to die quickly so that I could rave during the rest of the match. It is that good.

Choose your cultist!


Being a multiplayer party game, the gameplay is the centerpiece of Gurgamoth. First, you and your friends choose one of the eight available cultists. There is no advantage to any cultist, so simply pick your favorite. After choosing a stage, you and up to three others are locked in a tight-quartered room with no way out.

The objective is to simply kill each other by any means necessary. There are four basic controls; move, attack, dodge, and stun. Each of these must be used wisely in order to win.

Some stage hazards are difficult to avoid, so using the dodge mechanic well can save you from an untimely death. The character movement is also fast, so learning how to time your attacks and stuns is crucial. Mastering these techniques and learning how to survive these treacherous areas is what will help you as you play the game.

What is happening here?!

Battle to Sacrifice

As each round starts, it can quickly become a bit chaotic and hard to follow. Your cultist could die in literal seconds, and you will not have a clue as to what just happened. Despite that, earning kills in Gurgamoth is still a lot of fun.

Gurgamoth shines in one-on-one showdowns at the end of matches. This is when players can start to show what they are made of and create memorable experiences.

If you are the last cultist standing, you receive one point towards your goal of awakening Gurgamoth. The first cultist to receive three points of sacrifice is the winner and the one responsible for bringing the horrifying beast into our presence.

Huh. Neat.


Gurgamoth is a fun party game, but it has a pretty steep learning curve. Casual gamers may be turned off by the intensity and fast-paced gameplay, so it does not seem like a party game for everyone.

Depending on the gaming crowd, Gurgamoth can be a blast among hardcore gamers looking for a party game up their alley. But at the same time, it may be a bummer for those looking for a more easy-to-control experience.

The game can easily be enjoyed for hours at a time, and it is simple to jump back in after days or weeks of not playing. Because of this, Gurgamoth has a lot of replay value, but that does depend heavily on the playing crowd.

The Gurgamoth has been awoken.


Gurgamoth is a fun game that can provide a massively entertaining experience at gaming parties or even holiday parties. It is not a party game for everyone, so make sure you assess your audience well before introducing this game to them.

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Gurgamoth is a great little party game for a hardcore crowd. It has lovely graphics and a fantastic soundtrack. It may not have a lot of content, but what it does have it excels tremendously. It is not a game for everyone, but that is fine.

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