Steam Winter Sale 2019 – Indie Games on Special

The Christmas season approaches, and with it comes the Steam Winter Sale. Tis’ the season to save on some quality indie games. With over 33 thousand games on sale, it might be a little overwhelming. And so we have created this shortlist of some fantastic indie games with some substantial savings.

Super meat boy logo

Super Meat Boy

An infamously hard platformer game starring a meat cube. Super Meat Boy requires precise platforming skills and a lot of patience. The controls are super tight, so you can only blame yourself when Meat Boy becomes MinceMeat Boy. With a 92% positive rating and now 90% off, there’s no better time to jump into the game.

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Amnesia the dark descent logo

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Changing gears from 2D platforming to First-Person Horror. Amnesia is just as nerve-wracking as Super Meat Boy, but with tension instead of frustration. Amnesia is all about the experience and immersion and is best played alone at night for the full experience. Or play it in the middle of the day for millions of people on YouTube like Markiplier and others have done. Mirroring Super Meat Boys stats, Amnesia has a 92% positive rating and 90% off and is well worth a look.

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Tiny and Big logo

Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers

An irreverent 3D action-platformer with a comic book art style. Tiny and Big is the story of the titular duo Tiny and Big and the also titular Grandpa’s Leftovers. In this instance, the leftovers are Grandpa’s underwear, which for some reason both Tiny and Big want. You control Tiny and try to reclaim the underpants from Big using a few gadgets including a laser that can carve up just about anything in any level. A fairly unique physics-based platform with an odd sense of humor. With an 88% positive rating and another game at 90% off, there is a lot of fun to be had.

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Valley logo


Valley is a beautiful first-person exploration and puzzle game. The main focus of the game appears to be high-octane parkour. Aided by a robotic exosuit known as L.E.A.F. or Leap Effortlessly through Air Functionality. You’ll be able to run and jump through the beautiful forest, ruins and of course titular Valley. You’ll also be able to control life and death as you work out the mysteries of the Valley. Matching with Tiny and Big’s stats this is another 88% positive game with another 90% discount.

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Learn Japanese to survive logo

Learn Japanese to Survive

Learn Japanese to Survive is an interesting hybrid of turn-based RPG and educational game. Focused on teaching the player Japanese (as the name implies). The game is not a substitute for a comprehensive tutor. But it will give the player a base understanding if they stick with it. Available in three different styles focused on different kana systems. There are the Hiragana Battle, Katakana War and Kanji Combat variations. Which teaches the player Hiragana, Katakana and more complex Kanji respectively. All are currently on sale at a new all-time low of 90% off and rate at 87%, 84% and 77% positive ratings respectively.

You can also pick up the trilogy with a slightly better discount at a whopping 91% off.

1 Steam Link Hiragana
2 Steam Link Katakana
3 Steam Link Kanji
4 Steam Link Trilogy

Pinstripe logo


A dark fantasy tale inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, and Alice in Wonderland. Pinstripe tells the story of an ex-minister that travels through hell in search of his kidnapped daughter. What’s even more surprising about this game is that it was created by a one-man development team. But, it seems he had the creativity, passion, and skill of a lot more. He also had more patience, with the game taking 5 years to complete. An 86% positive rating makes it seem like it was worth it. At 90% off why not have a look for yourself?

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This is just a small sample of all the fantastic games you can find in this sale. For just a few dollars you can dramatically increase the quality of your gaming library. Make sure to check your wishlist for other dramatically discounted titles.

And if you have a bit more money to play around with you could also have a look at some of the fantastic recent games we’ve covered here. Such as the amazing Indivisible which is currently 25% off. Or the rock-solid Blasphemous at 40% off.

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