Christmas Wishlist – SRR’s Most Wanted Games

Christmas Time is Upon Us Again

Christmas is a time for giving, but it’s also a time for wanting too. Even though we here at Sip Read Repeat play a lot of games. There are always going to be some that remain on your Christmas Wishlist. So without further ado, most of our writers have set up their own wishlists. Limited to five awesome indie titles they would love to get their hands on.

Also please note, that the lists have been curated and written by different writers and as such are not set up in a uniform manner. As the Editor in Chief of Sip Read Repeat, I enjoy letting the writers share their personalities. So personality is what you’ll find, please enjoy it.

Cat Quest 2

As a huge fan of Cat Quest 1, I was looking forward to Cat Quest 2 a lot. And from everything I have seen, it lives up to my expectations easily. Once again combining elements I absolutely adore such as fun action RPG style. And a whole lot of cats and cat-related puns. The Gentlebros proved with the first Cat Quest that they know how to make a game just right for me. And with the second game, they somehow managed to capture one of my changing tastes. That is the two-player co-op. While the first game was just the cat, number two gives you a dog as well which can be controlled by another player. Thanks to Steam’s Remote Play the other player doesn’t even need to be local.

Christmas Wishlist Cat Quest 2

Lost Ember

I actually covered Mooneye Studios Lost Ember in a Still Brewing Preview article. And it just made me want it all the more. I love exploration games, particularly gorgeous ones. And Lost Ember more than makes the cut there. Spellbindingly beautiful and with a host of lovable animals to play as. Lost Ember is a game I feel I could be lost in quite easily. In the best way that is.

Check out my Still Brewing article for more info on this one. And fingers crossed maybe one day I can write a full review for it.

Christmas Wishlist Lost Ember

SteamWorld Quest

Image and Form have been making SteamWorld games for a while now. Starting with SteamWorld Tower Defense and extending to Dig, Heist and Dig 2. While they take place in the same Steam Powered Robot worlds the genres have been quite different. However, there is another consistency between the games…they are all really good. So I have no reason to doubt that an RPG (one of my preferred genres) wouldn’t work. Plus everything I’ve seen about it makes me want it more too. If I don’t get a chance to play this one I’ll be the one Steaming!

SteamWorld Quest

Knights and Bikes

I don’t know much about Knights and Bikes by Foam Sword. But everything I do know makes me want to play it. The art style is wonderful with a crisp and warm cartoon or comic aesthetic. The combat seems to be an action-RPG style similar to Cat Quest 2. And also like Cat Quest 2 it has co-op gameplay. All this and a heartwarming story full of childlike wonder and exploring. Bikes that can be customized (most likely to power you up) and frisbees. Knights and Bikes looks like a really sweet and fun adventure I’d love to go on.

Knights and Bikes


Another Action-RPG, CrossCode by Radical Fish games has been on my wishlist ever since I played the demo. The gameplay is tight, the story-telling is fun and light but with darker more serious tones when required. The art-style and character design are immaculate. The music is amazing. The puzzles are fun. Overall the game looks like one of the best SNES games never to have been on the SNES. Which is exactly what Radical Fish was going for. What else can I say but, they really nailed it. And I want a copy please!

Christmas Wishlist CrossCode

JR’s Wishlist

Holding Up Santa

Gone are the days in which I would write Santa a letter asking him to deliver what I want for Christmas. It is not that I don’t believe in Santa, in fact, we’re buddies, he just has me deliver presents to my kids in his stead. I suppose, however, if I were to write Big Red a letter, it would contain the names of all the great indies I want in my stocking this year. To make things easy, I will just post them on the internet in hopes that St. Nick can get the clue. Here are five indies that are on my “JR’s Christmas” list for 2019.

JR’s Christmas Game Winner: Valfaris- PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Steam

I might as well start off with the rock’n, blood-soaked, sci-fi metal opera that is Valfaris. Created by the legendary pixel artist Andrew Gilmour and Big Sugar Games, this side-scrolling 2D shooter takes 1 part Mega Death and 2 parts Contra and rolls it together to make something truly special. The action focuses on a lone space warrior seeking revenge on the ravaged world of Valfaris. As a lover of all things metal, this game is at the top of my “JR’s Christmas” list!

Image result for Valfaris

Edge of Eternity- PS4, Xbox One, Steam

The developers at the independent Midgar Studios love the classic JRPG. They love the genre so much that they started a Kickstarter a few years ago to create their own game in a distinctly Japanese-style. The French company was successful and what was produced was a pure and beautiful tribute to the greatest JRPGs ever made. Edge of Eternity is an open-world game in the style of Final Fantasy XII with a deep and convoluted storyline that seamlessly blends both science fiction and fantasy together to create a symphony of heart-felt gameplay. Just watching this game live-streamed on Twitch is not enough; I want it, I need to have it.

Image result for Edge of Eternity

GRIS- PS4, Switch, iOS, Steam

I know that this game has been out for a little while, but it is one that I have yet to pick up. The amazing artwork by Conrad Roset blends together in this game to make it an absolute feast for the senses. It may be a simple 2D puzzle-platformer, but GRIS offers so much more than just a linear romp through an ethereal dreamscape. It presents a visual telling of both tragedy and triumphs as our heroine fights through the difficulties of her past and defeat the doubts of her future. As a lover of the arts, I need this game to be a part of my collection.

Image result for GRIS

Ion Fury- PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Steam

This game was called Ion Maiden until an unforeseen lawsuit forced the developers to change the name. Now called Ion Fury, this game harkens back to the glory days of the FPS genre where pixelated graphics took the place of 3-dimensional renderings. Despite the fact that this game is a throwback, it is far from looking choppy and grainy like its predecessors. Ion Fury is a prequel to the 2016 third-person shooter, Bombshell, and features the smart-mouthed Global Defense Agent Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison in her fight against the forces of evil. As a fan of Duke Nukem, I really want to place this game on my Switch catalog to enjoy some sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Image result for Ion Fury

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG- PS4, PS Vita, Switch, Wii U, Steam

I may not be a hipster, but I can appreciate their unique views on culture. The people over at Ackk Studios feel the same way, and their throwback 90’s RPG centering on the uncertainty of Y2K is just the over-the-top adventure I am looking for. It features a group of hipsters in 1999 that attempt to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a woman in an elevator only to find themselves on a crazy journey that is too weird for words. Despite receiving many negative reviews, I still want this game for Christmas because I am curious about closely it follows along with its JRPG inspirations. Plus Toby Fox from Undertale composed some of the music, so it’s a win-win.

Image result for YIIK

Dana’s Wishlist

1. Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure

The Nintendo Switch is becoming a great platform for exercising games, and the Ring Fit Adventure is in line with that idea. As a person that would rather play video games than work out, the Ring Fit coupled with the portability of the Nintendo Switch seems like a great combo to convince me to be a little more active. Exercise and entertainment on the go!

Switch Ringfit adventure

2. The Outer Worlds

With shooters being my favorite genre of games, The Outer Worlds is one of those games that I need. Fallout in space? Yes, please. I grow continually jealous of my friend telling me how awesome it is.

The Outer Worlds

3. Superhot

My love of shooters continues. I’ve still not managed to play Superhot yet, and can’t wait to get ahold of a VR rig in order to play the virtual reality version. The VR and non-VR versions aren’t just adaptions of each other but are two separate games from two separate perspectives. Maps are flipped, goals are changed, sides are switched.


4. Planet Zoo

My very first video game was Roller Coaster Tycoon. I got it by tearing off 10 cereal box tops and sending them into the company to get a copy. You remember, back in the day when that was a thing? Good times. Since then, tycoon games have been close to my heart. I asked my grandmother specifically for Zoo Tycoon 2 for my birthday and I’ve put many hours into that old polygonal gem. To have a newer version with updated graphics released by the original creators of Zoo Tycoon is like a dream come true.

Planet Zoo

5. Subnautica: Below Zero

Outside of Klei games, my favorite survival game in recent years is Subnautica. The unique environment, smooth graphics, and tragic premise makes for an epic adventure. The ocean is both beautiful and deadly, calming and terrifying. I for one can’t wait to continue to explore Planet 4546B in a Subnautica sequel, Subnatuica: Below Zero. Adorable alien penguins, company coverups, and riding weird whales? Count me in!

Subnautica Below Zero

Jason’s Wishlist

Oh, how I pine for the feelings I felt those Christmas mornings as a young boy. The excitement that boiled as I wondered if Jason’s Christmas wishlist would come true. Long gone are those days, sadly. But as a father, it warms my heart to see my children creating their own wishlists. This along with the magical season inspires me to be wishful again! What do I want for Christmas? What would I write on my wishlist?

Well, I have thought long and hard about it! Here are five indie games that would make Jason’s Christmas wishlist in 2019.

5. My Friend Pedro

My Friend Pedro Trailer

First off on Jason’s Christmas Wishlist, we have My Friend Pedro, a game developed by Deadtoast and published by Devolver Digital. Ever since I first saw the initial trailer last year, I wanted this game. The high octane action tied with the silly nature of the story is what drew me in. This is what indies are all about! Allowing a sentient banana to control you and have you stylishly destroy everyone in your path. I mean, who doesn’t want to play this game?

4. Valfaris

Valfaris Trailer

Up next, we have Valfaris, a spectacular-looking action game from Undefined. The Contra-like gameplay is what initially had me drooling with anticipation, but the soundtrack by Curt Victor Bryant is the stuff of the metal gods. I want to be headbanging as I shoot and whip every demon that comes my way. And don’t get me started on the beautiful pixel art. Oh, man. How is this game not in my library already?

3. Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the Necrodancer Feat. The Legend of Zelda  

Cadence of Hyrule Trailer

Cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the Necrodancer Feat. The Legend of Zelda (That’s a mouthful) is a rhythm-based action game developed by Brace Yourself Games. I have actually spoke of this game so many times in various writings, and I have to admit… I only own the demo. My son and I have played through that demo so many times, and yet, whenever I go to the Switch eShop to make the purchase, I always end up talking myself out it it. Why do I do this to myself? The demo is amazing, that means the game must be more amazing!

2. Timespinner

Timespinner Trailer

Oh, Timespinner. The first time I saw the trailer on Kickstarter, my jaw dropped. This action RPG by Lunar Ray Games and published by Chucklefish looks stunning! A Metroidvania game where you are able to control time? Where has this game been my whole life? The team clearly took a lot of inspiration from the Castlevania series, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The boss fights look incredible and the music is exciting. Someone better get me this game for Christmas! Santa… are you listening?

1. Katana Zero

Katana ZERO Trailer

What can I say about Katana ZERO? This 2D action game by Askiisoft and published by Devolver Digital is the epitome of cool. From the stunning pixel art to the rich-looking story to the memorizing gameplay, Katana ZERO seems to have it all. I have had my eyes on this one for a while, and I cannot wait to play it. It is just so stylish and looks incredibly unique. Santa, please! Let me deflect bullets and manipulate my enemies this Christmas! I need this game.

What is on your Christmas Wishlist?

There have been a ton of indie games released over the last few years that have escaped me. Looking back at 2019’s releases and remembering all the games I did not get to play is stressing me out. There are so many amazing indie games out there for us to play. So what are the games on your Christmas wishlist? Did any of mine interest you? Let us know in the comments! And if you want to stay up to date with all things indie-related, keep that channel tuned in to SipReadRepeat for all your indie needs.

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