Hollow Knight Silksong – Still Brewing

Hollow Knight Silksong gameplay

What Do We Know So Far?

Who are behind Hollow Knight Silksong?

Just like the first Hollow Knight game, both development and publishing are being handled by Team Cherry. Team Cherry are a very small indie team from Australia, Silksong will be their second game after the success of the original Hollow Knight.

What kind of game will it be?

Much like its predecessor, Silksong will be an action-platformer. Also known as a Metroidvania. The developers also take influence with the skill-based combat of the Dark Souls franchise. So to sum it up, Silksong will be a skill-based Metroidvania game.

Where will we find it?

Hollow Knight Silksong has been confirmed for PC, Mac, Linux. And console wise just Nintendo Switch at the moment. However, the team (of 3 people) has advised that ports to other consoles may be possible. But their main focus is building the game for the previously mentioned platforms.

When can we get it?

Currently, there is no confirmed release date for the game. The original announcement was in February 2019 and again the team working on the game is very small (3 people). It is likely to be a 2020 release, but no official word has been received as of yet.

Hollow Knight Silksong gameplay

More info required!

As a sequel to an acclaimed award-winning game (it also received the top spot in our best Metroidvanias of the decade list), Silksong has a lot to live up to. From everything that has been released so far though, it seems we don’t have much to worry about. Rather, we have a lot to be excited about. Trailers and descriptions have alluded to this game being exceptionally fast-paced and fluid.

The new game is set in the same world as the first one. And that’s not all that is returning. The art style and basic gameplay seem to be making a welcome return, as well as the orchestral score once again composed by Christopher Larkin. But, the game isn’t just going to be the same as last time. There are plenty of new exciting features and likely a lot of subtle new things we haven’t even seen yet. One new addition that has been announced though is the Silk Soul mode, not a lot has been confirmed about this but it claims to spin the game into a unique and challenging experience. Which sounds ideal for Soulsborne players in need of a punishing new challenge.

So while there isn’t a lot of new information or even a concrete release date at this stage. There really isn’t any reason to be worried, Team Cherry proved they know how to make a great game. And are on track to provide another classic.

Hollow Knight Silksong Links

Website: https://hollowknightsilksong.com/
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1030300/Hollow_Knight_Silksong/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamCherryGames

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