6 Indie Games Out on Switch This Week

6 indie games

We are well into 2020 now, and the games continue to pour in on the Nintendo Switch. There are some fun indies coming out in the next few days. Why don’t you take a look and see what you think? My name is Jason, and here are 6 indie games releasing the week of January 13th, 2020.

Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo – Tues, Jan. 14

Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo Trailer

Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo is a mouthful made by Bare Knuckle Development. It is an action arcade shooter that feels like a throwback to the days of old. The game is an addictive, fast-paced space shooter that can keep you entertained for minutes at a time.

US – $4.99
UK – £3.99
EU – €4,99

Squidlit – Tues, Jan. 14

Squidlit Trailer

Squidlit is an action platformer made by Squidlit Ink. It looks and feels like a perfect replica of an original GameBoy game! You play as a little squid jumping and bumping on your enemies as you wash your way through each stage. It looks like a charmer, and for the price, I will definitely check this out.

US – $1.99
UK – £1.39
EU – €1,59

Super Crush KO – Thurs, Jan. 16

Super Crush KO Trailer

Super Crush KO is a fast-paced brawler by Vertex Pop. In this, you are here to crush robots and save all the cats! You can learn to launch, juggle, and shoot through waves of enemy robots all around. This one looks to be a blast!

US – $14.99
UK – £11.59
EU – €13,99

SELF – Thurs, Jan. 16

SELF Trailer

SELF is a suspense, text-based adventure by indienova. In this game, boundaries between dream, reality, memory, and truth are all diffuse. You play using old-school text-based tactics as you try to discover what is happening in this wild story.

US – $6.99
UK – £5.69
EU – €6,29

Sorry, James – Thurs, Jan. 16

Sorry, James Initial Launch Trailer

Sorry, James is an adventure puzzle game developed by Konstructors Entertainment. This is a non-linear, story-driven puzzle game that takes an unusual step in storytelling. Your job is apparently to hack a love story, but what does that mean exactly?

US – $4.99
UK – £4.49
EU – €4,99

Maitetsu:Pure Station – Thurs, Jan. 14

Maitetsu:Pure Station Trailer

Maitetsu:Pure Station is a Japanese story-driven adventure game by CIRCLE Ent. Although the price is rather beefy for these indie lists, this downloadable import offers a lot of story and tons of information about trains and Japanese culture. This could be a great listening practice for those studying Japanese.

US – $34.99
UK – £31.49
EU – €34,99

There Are Your Nindies!

There are your 6 indie games out on Switch this week. Are you thinking of trying any of these out? Let us know in the comments!

Tune in again each and every week on Sip Read Repeat for your next dose of indies as well as previews, reviews, and more! Have a great week, and happy gaming, everyone.

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