6 Steam Indies on Sale This Week

Another week passes and sales continue. But even though the sales from last week are mostly still around there are still plenty of other games to talk about. So here we go, another 6 Steam Indies on sale this week.

6 Steam Indies


First up we have Deponia, a point-and-click adventure game. Both developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment. The first part of a now 4 part series based around the world of Deponia. You control Rufus as he explored the junk world that Deponia has become. Interacting with a host of characters and solving puzzles. The game looks quite good with an interesting art-style and smooth animation. But, ultimately it is the writing that most people seem to enjoy the most. The game is essentially a love story, but with a lot of action, some darkness, and an overriding sense of humor. Is it worth checking out? Well, they made three more of them so all signs point to yes.

Deponia is 90% off until January 24th. Sequels, Chaos on Deponia and Goodbye Deponia are also 90%, with the final act Deponia Doomsday being a still-respectable 85% off.



Immortal Defense

Immortal Defense is next on our list of 6 Steam Indies, this time it’s a tower defense game. Developed and Published by Studio Eres, Immortal Defense on Steam is actually an updated version of an older game. Improving the graphics and some of the technical aspects, also adding steam achievements that actually impact the game itself. And the reason a simple tower defense game was worth remaking? Well, the story would be the simple answer, as well as mechanics and other aspects to dig a little deeper.

Immortal Defense was based on the novel Raberata by Robert Bisno. The story in the game being written by novelist Jeanne Thornton using the universe from Raberata as the setting. The initial release of the game was back in 2007, significant new content was added before it hit steam in 2015. The game has 100 core levels, 50 optional side missions, and an estimated 20 hour completion time. However, that’s not all thanks to the steam workshop and level editor, 62 fan-created levels now come packaged with the game with plenty more to find in the workshop.

If you’re a fan of tower-defense or interesting sci-fi story, then now would be a great time to check out Immortal Defense. Which is also 90% off but only for 1 day.


Immortal Defense

The Night of the Rabbit

The Night of the Rabbit is another point-and-click adventure game by Daedalic Entertainment. Set in a completely different world to the Deponia series. The Night of the Rabbit follows Jerry as he follows a mysterious white rabbit into the world of Mousewood. It’s a very Alice in Wonderland styled setup, and the game follows similar themes at times. Complete with mystery, darkness, magic, and more. The Night of the Rabbit has been praised for its art, music, and story. Which are everything but the puzzles in a point and click adventure game. Some puzzles have somewhat ludicrous answers, however, that is pretty standard of the genre.

90% off until the 24th of January. If you’re interested in adventure games, this is certainly one worth checking out.


The Night of the Rabbit


Yet another Daedelic Entertainment Point and click adventure game. With this one, Daedalic now has half of this list, not even including sequels. But, when it comes to the point and click adventure genre they are at the top of their game. Sometimes referred to as the German Lucasarts, Daedalic has a host of well-recieved games on sale at the moment. And Memoria is no different, in terms of a well told story that is. Memoria uses a more realistic character design than the more cartoon Daedalic games and is also notable for have two characters whose stories are told separately until they intertwine. The stories actually take place over different time periods which is an interesting plot device used in another classic of the genre.

Memoria is currently 0% off, that’s not a typo either. But, why is it on this list of sales then? The answer will come, however, you’ll need to keep reading.

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

6 steam indies chains of satinav

It’s beginning to feel a little routine now. But, The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav is another point and click adventure from Daedelic Entertainment. Using the same sort of art style as Memoria and similar character and environment design as well. But there is a good reason for that, they are set in the same universe. Chains of Satinav actually predates Memoria and is another quality title that includes puzzles, rich interesting lore and a host of characters to meet.

Chains of Satinav is actually another 0% discount game. I wasn’t originally going to include it on this list, however, it is required so read on to find out why.


6 steam indies blackguards

Rounding out the list with another Daedalic Entertainment game (thank goodness for Immortal Defense). However, Blackguards isn’t a point and click adventures like the others. Rather, it is a turn-based RPG or strategy RPG. Be warned that reception on this game is far more mixed than the others. Due to lengthy punishing fights that can be game-enders for casuals gamers. The reason I had to include this game on the list (other than it being a different genre to most of the others). Is that it takes place in The Dark Eye universe. That may sound familiar if you are a fan of tabletop gaming, or you read the above entries and didn’t just skip down to this one. Both Chains of Satinav and Memoria take place in the same universe. So while they are separate stories they do share locales and lore.

And the other reason they are all included is the answer to the question why are there 3 games on this list that are not on sale. The answer is, The Dark Eye Universe Bundle. The three games individually carry no discounts. But together in the bundle there is a 90% discount (which also includes DLC for Blackguards). So if you are interested in even one of these three games, then the bundle will save you a ton. The bundle is active until the 24th of January.


The Dark Eye Universe Bundle

So there you have it, another week, and 6 Steam Indies on sale more. Remember to come back next week for some more games. Hopefully with a little more variety.

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